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Moving to Daytona Beach, FL? Here Are 9 Communities to Consider

This sunny seaside region offers a wide variety and mix of communities to fit your style of living.

By Kevin Litwin on June 7, 2022

Daytona Beach skyline aerial view.

Warm weather, beautiful scenery, numerous outdoor attractions, great jobs, and high-quality education options — it’s easy to see why many people relocate to Greater Daytona and residents choose to stay. Thankfully, this desirable area is full of great communities. Let’s check out a few!

1. Daytona Beach Shores

With a population of nearly 5,200, Daytona Beach Shores largely serves as a retirement community. Just 5.5 miles long, more than 80% of residents live in high-rise condos along the ocean, and the city’s main highway is State Road A1A, which borders the ocean.

Deltona, Florida
Courtesy of City of Deltona

2. Deltona

The most populated city in Volusia County has nearly 93,700 residents who enjoy life on Lake Monroe along the St. Johns River. The community is largely residential and offers many affordable homes.

3. Edgewater

Nicknamed “The Hospitality City,” tourism is the main contributor to the economy, thanks to its location along the Indian River Lagoon. With a population of over 23,000, the median net worth of residents surpasses $172,000. Besides hospitality, the largest employers are in the health care, government and retail sectors.

Pickelball players play a match on the courts at Pictona at Holly Hill in Greater Daytona. ©Journal Communications/Nathan Lambrecht
Nathan Lambrecht

4. Holly Hill

The town houses one of the state’s largest health care providers, Florida Health Care Plans. The city is also known for manufacturing, as it is home to companies like Metra Electronics and Product Quest. Holly Hill’s population is 13,000, and the median home value is $207,602 (Zillow, January 2022).

5. Lake Helen

The town is nicknamed “The Gem of Florida” for its tree-lined streets, historic architecture and small-town character. The city has a namesake Lake Helen that spans 26 acres and a popular 20-acre lake called Lake Macy. The city’s population is approximately 2,800.

6. Orange City

Named for its thousands of acres of orange groves, Orange City is a growing community that has welcomed an average of 100 new business license holders annually over the past several years. The community’s population is more than 12,600, and the median home value is $256,278 (Zillow, January 2022).

7. Pierson 

Billed as the “Fern Capital of the World,” Pierson has approximately 1,500 residents that rely on fern production. In fact, ferns grown here are exported worldwide. The town also has one of the few grass strip airports in the nation: Pierson Municipal Airport. 

Flowers grow along the road in Ormond Beach, which is part of the Greater Daytona Region. ©Journal Communications/Nathan Lambrecht
Nathan Lambrecht

8. Port Orange

Once a city known for its citrus, farming, ranching and lumber, today’s Port Orange is an affluent bedroom community with several gated communities. The city of nearly 62,600 has a median home value of $330,966 (Zillow, January 2022).

9. South Daytona

With its population at nearly 12,900, this upscale residential city is only minutes from the beaches. Residents have access to beautiful parks, excellent schools, independent restaurants and more. The median home value is $254,553 (Zillow, January 2022).

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