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These Are the 8 Most Stunning Waterfalls in Georgia

You may know Georgia for all things peachy, but it's actually home to some of the most killer waterfalls.

By Emily Handy on May 1, 2016

Georgia waterfalls
Georgia / Courtesy of M.A.S.K. PRODUCTIONS under a CC 4.0 license.

You may know the great state of Georgia for its peaches, but Georgia is also home to some of America’s most beautiful waterfalls. You know the song “Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls?” We definitely disagree, and think these 8 waterfalls are worthy of the hike to get there.

1. Anna Ruby Falls

You get two waterfalls for the price of one! The Anna Ruby Falls are located in the Chattahoochie National Forest, and a short half-mile trail, or a more strenuous 4.6-mile hike, will lead you right to the base of the falls. Either way, viewers will be able to the the water churn over the Curtis Creek falls at 153 feet, and the smaller, but just as majestic, York Creek falls at 50 feet.

2. Tallulah Falls

These falls are located in one of the most picturesque canyons in the eastern U.S. Visitors to the Tallulah Gorge can get stunning views of the falls by either hiking a rim trail or by snagging one of 100 gorge floor permits. An accessible 80-foot suspension bridge soars above the gorge, offering a bird’s-eye-view of the falls and river.

3. Toccoa Falls

Toccoa is the Cherokee word for “beautiful,” and even that word doesn’t really do these falls justice. With a drop of 186 feet, some claim Toccoa Falls is the tallest free-falling waterfall in the eastern U.S., but it doesn’t officially hold the title. The falls are located on the college campus of Toccoa Falls College, and are definitely a must-see.

4. Raven Cliff Falls

Located off one of Georgia’s most popular hiking trails, Raven Cliff Falls Trail, Raven Cliff Falls is made up of three drops, with the highest being 60 feet. But before hikers reach the falls, the popular trail is dotted with smaller (but just as awesome) waterfalls to wet their appetites. The falls are sourced from Dodd Creek, which is known for its beauty in North Georgia.

5. DeSoto Falls

This short two-mile hike packs a big punch. Located in Lumpkin County (that’s the actual name, we swear) along Frogtown Creek, you’ll actually get to see three waterfalls on your hike. DeSoto Falls are comprised of an upper, middle and lower waterfall and are named after Spanish explorer, Hernando deSoto.

6. Dukes Creek Falls

Gold was found in Dukes Creek in 1828, and while you probably won’t find gold here, you’ll still see a heck of a waterfall. Hike up the 2-mile in-and-out trail and you’ll be able to see the 150-foot multi-tiered falls at the convergence of Dukes Creek and Davis Creek.

7. Panther Creek Falls

A nearly 8-mile hike leads visitors to a series of waterfalls that culminates in a multi-tiered waterfall spilling into a vast deep blue pool. The flat area around the Panther Creek Falls is a popular camping site, but be sure to get there super early if you want to get a spot near the falls!

8. High Shoals Falls

This waterfall scores on our list because visitors can hike just under 3 miles and take in breathtaking views of not one, but two, awesome waterfalls. The hike itself isn’t bad either—you’ll wind through lush forests and cross a few streams before you reach the main attractions.

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