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Top Employers in Cedar Rapids, IA

Businesses in Cedar Rapids range from food makers to aviation system providers

By Livability.com on January 15, 2016

Cedar Rapids, IA
Cedar Rapids / Courtesy of Neal Wellons under a CC 2.0 license.

While rooted in agriculture, Cedar Rapids’ economy has grown diverse, including high tech companies, healthcare providers and retailers. Cedar Rapids may be the largest corn processing city in the country, but the companies providing the most jobs here fall far from the farm.

Top Employers in Cedar Rapids

Rockwell Collins – 8,700

Transamerica – 3,872

St. Luke’s Hospital – 3,184

Hy-Vee – 2,599

Mercy Medical Center – 2,312

Kirkwood Community College – 1,895

City of Cedar Rapids – 1,311

Nordstrom – 1,200

Quaker Oats – 1,018

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