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Grow Your Career in East Central Indiana

A rich network of local and state resources are available to help you take that next step.

By Brittany Anas on July 26, 2021


Debra Holloway recently moved from Ohio to Indiana, but she was making a lengthy commute each workday, traveling to her home health care job across the state line. With a goal of finding work closer to home, she turned to Eastern Indiana Works’ (EIW) Rushville location.

“They helped me make a resume that I felt confident about and that highlighted my skills,” Holloway says.

Before she left the office, she applied for five jobs online with the assistance of an employment specialist. Within a few days, she was offered a new position in the health care industry close to home.

About Eastern Indiana Works

• Serves more than 1,000 people annually.
• Helps people prepare for the workforce and match skill sets to the right job.

Every year, Eastern Indiana Works serves more than 1,000 people like Holloway, helping them prepare for the workforce and find jobs that match their skill sets. “We didn’t miss a beat during the pandemic, as we were able to switch to a telecoach model,” says Gus Linde, executive vice president of workforce strategies at the organization.

Whether you recently relocated to East Central Indiana, are freshly graduated or are simply looking to advance your skills, a rich network of local and state career resources is available. In fact, the state is largely invested in preparing its workforce for the next wave of in-demand jobs.

Here is an introduction to the programs that help the region’s residents grow in their careers and local companies find top-notch employees.

Career Prep With EIW

Among the career workshops offered at EIW is one that touches on “career storytelling,” which teaches attendees how to articulate their best strengths and skills and market them to employers as authentic storytellers. Other workshops are focused on interviewing skills and resume writing.

The organization also helps people plan for the future using career mapping. For example, EIW can help job seekers find financial assistance to go back to school to earn the degree or certification that will help them reach the next rung in their career, Linde says.

“We’re a gem of a resource for the region,” Linde says. “Most people think of coming to us when they lose a job or need a job, but we also provide a lot of services to help people prepare for tomorrow’s workforce needs.”

“Most people think of coming to us when they lose a job or need a job, but we also provide a lot of services to help people prepare for tomorrow’s workforce needs.”

Gus Linde/Eastern Indiana Works

Because East Central Indiana has an aging population, there’s growing demand in health care fields. And advanced manufacturing remains in high demand, too.

In fact, with a legacy of innovative manufacturing, the region is known as “Market Central” for North America, as it makes everything from auto parts to glass products to specialty tape. “We’re a makers area,” Linde says. “A lot of parts and products used across America are made here.”

Food processing, logistics and warehousing, and information technology are other core industries in the region.

Meeting Workforce Demands

East Central Indiana is focused on preparing its workforce for in-demand, well-paying jobs to help drive the economy forward. In fact, several initiatives are in place to help meet existing and future workforce demands.

For instance, Indiana recently launched a new website called Your Next Step, which provides a one-stop shop for resources that can help you take the next step in your career, education and life. Think of the website as a lobby with doors you can choose to walk through and connect you to the help you need to move forward.

There are resources for obtaining a high school diploma, information about grants available to help adults obtain a degree, links to new career opportunities and ways to get career advice.

Through Your Next Step, you can also learn about the Next Level Jobs Workforce Ready Grant that provides free training in high-paying, in-demand industries, including advanced manufacturing, building and construction, health and life sciences, IT and business services, and transportation and logistics.

The website adds to a vast network of training initiatives throughout the region. For example, Manufacturing Matters is a job training initiative designed by regional employers that teaches technical and soft skills.

Indiana Wesleyan University has partnered with Upskill Forward, a program that gives workers access to affordable online simulation lessons aligned with real jobs.

Plus, high school students in the region can choose from multiple dual-credit career prep programs with courses covering auto mechanics, health sciences, IT, biomedical fields, culinary arts, welding technology and more.

The bottom line? East Central Indiana has a number of ways to help you find in-demand, well-paying careers.

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