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10 Must-Sip Wineries and Breweries in East Central Indiana

Find your favorite vibe by sampling the fermented goodness of these 10 Hoosier stops.

By Lauren Caggiano on July 26, 2021

Jennifer Van Elk

Whether you’re an oenophile or a beer connoisseur, East Central Indiana provides more than enough locations for you to feed (or sip) such pursuits. Plus, each winery and brewery that graces the area exudes its own unique vibe. Be it the atmosphere you fall in love with, the taste of the beverage itself, or both, you are sure to find your favorite place here in the region. Are you ready to explore a few options?

Wineries to Savor In East Central Indiana

From dry whites to buttery reds to sweet rosés, the wine industry here does not disappoint.

East Central Indiana
Nathan Lambrecht

Madison County Winery: The winery began as a purveyor of red wines, but it has since expanded into other varieties – think blackberry, chocolate, seyval and cabernet franc, to name a few. During your visit, you can enjoy a glass of wine on the porch overlooking the vineyard or cozied up by the fire.

Downing Vineyard and Winery: Located in Fairmount, no visit to this winery is complete without a sip of their Indiana apple or Indiana pear wines. Their on-site tasting room is worth the trip, too, as it has been designed inside their historic barn. Plus, you can bring your own cheese and crackers to snack on between sips.

The Tipsy Glass Winery: The Tipsy Glass, which has made a name for itself in Bryant, serves up an award-winning crisp, clean, dry white called Girl’s Best Friend, along with many other options, like Love Potion, a sweet red with a blueberry flavor. The winery also hosts live trivia, which is always a can’t-miss event.

East Central Indiana
Jennifer Van Elk

Belgian Horse Winery: If your tastebuds prefer something sweet, Belgian Horse Winery in Middletown is calling your name. Be sure to try the Aunt Minnie Blackberry or Uncle Fred Peach (it’s said to be like taking a bite out of a ripe peach). While you are there, sink your teeth into a slice of Thai chicken pizza – you won’t be sorry!

Oak Hill Winery: At this Converse facility, your wine education is sure to increase. Offering free wine tastings, the owners pride themselves on teaching guests the nuances of their naturally made wines. We suggest the Peru Peach or Old Ben.

East Central Indiana
Nathan Lambrecht

Breweries Beckon in East Central Indiana

Looking for something crisp and clean? Hoppy and bitter? Sour and tart? Well, look no further than this lineup to find your perfect bottle – or can.

Bad Dad Brewing Co.: Fairmount-based Bad Dad Brewing Co. doesn’t mess around as evidenced by its array of canned beers and Neapolitanish-style of pizza. And the names of the beers are more than appropriate, from Socks & Sandals to You’re Grounded, Mister, to I’ll Turn This Car Around.

Elm Street Brewing Company: Muncie-based Elm Street Brewing Company has earned a reputation for its warm, rustic décor, comfortable, laid-back ambiance and friendly staff. You are sure to love all their brews, but if you are looking for something a little different, try the Veneer Souvenir. It is described as “a traditional West Coast IPA chock full of ‘C’ hops that will kick you in your teeth!”

East Central Indiana
Jeff Adkins

The Guardian Brewing Company: Located in Muncie, The Guardian Brewing Company is your go-to beer and pizza joint. You’ll love the variety of beers you find here, as it offers a number of house beers, like the Frank Coffee Stout (yes, it is brewed with coffee), in addition to new styles that they add almost every week. And we needn’t say it, but you can’t go wrong with any of their pizzas.

Pax Verum Brewing Company: Located in Lapel, this brewery is serving up unique flavors with some distinctive names. Try a pale ale called the Reptilia or a milk stout with coconut that is named Dark Matter. And if this becomes your new hot spot, you might even consider sporting some of their creative-looking merchandise, from their snake-sword T-shirt to their snake-triangle T-shirt.

Fish Moon Brewing Company: You will be rushing to Rushville time and time again to visit Fish Moon Brewing Company. Pair some delicious bar food – we are talking fried mushrooms and Bavarian pretzel rods with beer cheese and brown mustard – with Covered Bridges, a cream ale, or Orange & Cream, a fruited cream ale.

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