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3 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Move to Northern Kentucky

This region across the river from Cincinnati provides ample relocation advantages.

By Rebecca Treon on May 11, 2021

Northern Kentucky
Nathan Lambrecht

With its proximity to the Cincinnati area, Northern Kentucky is a region blossoming with opportunities to grow a career and put down roots.>

For young professionals from the East Coast, West Coast and points in between, the three-county region offers ample opportunities for professional networking as well as a roster of diverse, welcoming, safe and affordable communities.>

“I’m from North Carolina and was dead set on moving to D.C. after college until I got a call offering me a job opportunity in Cincinnati,” says Nick Dokich, founder and CEO of Ulimi, a company that uses voice-first technology to help companies save time and money. “I felt like I could do something more with myself here, compared to a bigger city.”>

Here are three reasons you should consider making the move:

1. Northern Kentucky is Diverse & Welcoming

Northern Kentucky was selected for a Gateways for Growth award in 2019 by New American Economy and Welcoming America, two nonprofits that focus on the economic impact made by immigrants and on communities that provide inviting environments for immigrants.>

These markers of inclusion are important factors for new arrivals, regardless of whether they’re coming from another state or country.>

Northern Kentucky has demonstrated a commitment to developing concrete strategies, ensuring all residents have access to the tools and support they need to succeed and contribute to their communities.

Northern Kentucky
Nathan Lambrecht

2. Save Money in Northern Kentucky

For Dokich, the cost of living in Northern Kentucky compared to other cities was a clincher. “I can have a D.C. lifestyle for next to nothing, and there’s nothing that I feel like New York or Chicago has that we don’t have,” he says.

Dokich and his fiancé recently bought a house in Covington – choosing to live on the Kentucky side of the river not only cost less but actually put them in closer proximity to the downtown Cincinnati area.

“The cost of living here, there’s just no comparison. Even the state taxes on the house purchase alone were enough for us to make the decision to buy in Kentucky.”

Compared to the cost of housing on the East and West coasts and many other cities with a high cost of living, real estate in Northern Kentucky makes owning a home a real possibility for those who would otherwise be priced out.

Real estate sales in the area are booming, with lots of new housing being developed and a robust market for existing homes, yet they’re all within an affordable range. The median home price in Kenton County, where Covington, Erlanger and Fort Mitchell are located, is around $185,000.

3. Northern Kentucky Offers the Perfect Lifestyle

Ryan Salzman, an associate professor of political science at Northern Kentucky University, moved from Dallas, Texas, for the great job opportunities available to him and his wife.

“We wanted a walkable lifestyle that was also urban,” Salzman says. “There are 40 cities in a 12-mile radius, including Covington or Newport. They’re like little neighborhoods that are their own cities.”

His family loves that they are safe and affordable, too.

“Our area has a quaint little Main Street with shops and breweries,” Salzman says. “That’s one of the things Northern Kentucky has in spades – these great established neighborhoods dating back to the 1790s that have a dense quantity of single-family homes that are still relatively affordable.”

Salzman enjoys that his children are within an excellent school district with only 700 students total and that there is a host of activities within walking distance.

“It has such a great community feel,” Salzman says. “We can walk to a Reds game and there are many ways to enjoy things in the greater downtown area without worrying about driving or parking, like the area’s amazing museums or outdoor activities.”

Find out more about what makes Northern Kentucky a great place to live with the latest edition of Livability Northern Kentucky.

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