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8 Reasons to Move to Kentucky

Find out what makes the Bluegrass State an excellent place to live.

By Jessica Walker Boehm on November 23, 2017

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There are several great reasons to move to the Bluegrass State, but we’ve identified the eight things that set it apart and make Kentucky an incredible place to put down roots. We suggest having your suitcase handy – you’re probably going to need it once you discover Kentucky’s unique advantages and attributes.

1) The Ultimate Rivalry

The University of Kentucky in Lexington – named one of Livability.com’s 10 Best College Towns in 2013 – and the University of Louisville have an intense rivalry, particularly when it comes to basketball, and fans love rooting for their favorite team each year. Plus, both Lexington and Louisville are great places to live with exciting things to do, making traveling to games a fun experience.

2) Strong Workforce

Kentucky is known as a top spot for the auto manufacturing industry, and for good reason. There are Toyota manufacturing facilities in Georgetown and Erlanger, and in Louisville, Ford operates an assembly plant – and all three facilities are top employers in Kentucky. The state also has a strong presence in the health-care and education sectors.

3) Kentucky Bourbon Trail®

If you love bourbon, there’s no better place to live than the Bluegrass State. Kentucky’s world-famous Bourbon Trail includes 11 distilleries in communities, and many residents enjoy traversing the trail time and time again to get a taste of the state’s signature spirit and learn more about the art and science behind its creation.

4) Affordable Housing

Chances are you can afford to buy a home or rent a property in Kentucky, even in the state’s more densely populated cities. The median home price in Kentucky is $123,200, which is significantly lower than what you’ll find in other states, and according to the Department of Numbers, median gross rent in Kentucky was a respectable $702 in 2015.

5) Hot Browns

Ever tried a hot brown? This delicious concoction – an open-faced sandwich comprising turkey, bacon and sometimes a tomato slice, slathered in Mornay sauce over Texas Toast – was created by Fred K. Schmidt of the Brown Hotel in Louisville in 1926, and you can still order it there today. However, because the dish is considered a Kentucky staple, you can also find it across the state, so you’re never far from your next hot brown.

6) Outdoor Adventures

It’s easy to enjoy the great outdoors in Kentucky, thanks to must-visit spots like Mammoth Cave National Park, Otter Creek Outdoor Recreation Area and Lake Cumberland State Resort Park. In addition, the state is home to Red River Gorge, an awe-inspiring destination that offers hiking, camping and climbing and is known for its sandstone rock bridge called the Natural Bridge.

7) An Extra Season

Many states can say they have offer four seasons, but Kentucky is unique in that it offers a fifth season: Derby Season. In honor of the Kentucky Derby, which takes place at Churchill Downs in Louisville each May, many residents spend a few weeks before the big event attending parties, celebrations and festivals. There are also annual golf tournaments, the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon and minimarathon, concerts and more – basically, there’s a lot of opportunities for fun in the Bluegrass State during this special season.

8) Location, Location, Location

Kentucky is conveniently located in the eastern south-central U.S. near several major cities such as Cincinnati, Ohio; Nashville, Tenn.; and St. Louis, Mo. As a result, the state is a perfect place for those who enjoy taking quick trips to cool destinations (who doesn’t?).

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