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5 Reasons Why You Should Work Remotely from Muskegon, MI

Combine #RemoteLife with lakeside living to help you achieve work-life balance.

By Brittany Anas on May 17, 2021

Muskegon Lakeshore

From her home office in Muskegon, MI, Rachel Fawcett works for Thrive Global, a wellness company that’s been garnering international attention.

Founded by Arianna Huffington, the enterprise is using science-based solutions to confront the burnout epidemic, something that’s become especially relevant these days.

“I love that I can work for a company based in New York City that is doing incredible big-picture things on a global scale, while still being an active community member here in Muskegon,” says Fawcett, an exercise physiologist by trade who transitioned to working remotely within the last year.

Working from home, we’re discovering, wasn’t just an interim experiment to push us through the pandemic.

As the telecommuting model has gone mainstream in recent months, more CEOs are convinced that drawing from talent pools across the country makes good business sense, and today’s suite of remote-work tools can keep a dispersed workforce connected.

As for employees themselves, one of the best parts about working from home is they no longer need to let their job dictate where they live – this leaves a slew of doors wide open.

Some places are especially attractive when it comes to living that #RemoteLife. Since you get to choose where your home office will be, you have the opportunity to layer in lifestyle factors that are important to you.

Take the Muskegon Lakeshore region, which has established itself as an area where remote workers can thrive. Here are 5 reasons why this Michigan city is an attractive place to live if you’re a part of the growing WFH workforce.

Muskegon Lakeshore
Jeff Adkins

1. Get Active Outdoors

In Muskegon, Fawcett can live out the tenets of a healthy lifestyle that she’s helping to promote. For instance, Muskegon’s year-round recreational activities are a match for her active lifestyle.

Fawcett’s favorite post-work meetup spot is the Muskegon Luge Adventure Sports Park, where you can go for a wintertime walk or strap on snowshoes, skis or ice skates.

For those who are working remotely, the myriad of outdoor opportunities is a huge draw. Slipping away from your home office to enjoy Michigan’s four distinct seasons is a must. Recharge by boating and swimming in Lake Michigan, hiking and biking at parks and skiing during colder months.

Muskegon Lakeshore
Wonderland Distilling

2. Eat, Play, Shop

In the Muskegon Lakeshore region, people may come for the beauty, but they stay for the great quality of life. When the weekend arrives, there’s never a shortage of things to do. There’s plenty of must-try restaurants to sample, a thriving arts and culture scene to enjoy and lots of local shops to explore.

3. Afford Where You Live

On top of all this, “lakeshore living” is pretty darn affordable: The typical value of homes in the region is $155,302, which means you can really stretch your paycheck here. Median rent in Muskegon is $577 a month, and the average mortgage is under $400 a month.

4. Enjoy Lake Views Galore

In Muskegon, you are practically surrounded by lakes. To the west, you have the stunning Lake Michigan, which is simply gorgeous in any season. To the north is beautiful Muskegon Lake and to the south is the smaller, but idyllic, Mona Lake.

Muskegon Lakeshore
Amanda Pitts/Grand Valley State University

5. Find a One-of-a-Kind Coworking Space

When Roberta King, a marketing entrepreneur in Muskegon, is working on a big project, she retreats to her coworking space and gets into her zone.

CoLaunch at the Muskegon Innovation Hub at Grand Valley State University is humming with creative energy, and the affordable, flexible coworking spaces are a sought-after amenity for those working remotely in the region.

For King, who owns Canna Communication, the coworking space also provides a great spot to meet with her clients and gives her access to things she needs to run her business (i.e., a physical mailing address and copier).

CoLaunch members come from diverse professional backgrounds. They’re working in fields such as tech, app development, marketing, medical sales, finance and creative.

“Our members range from those who are working remote for Fortune 500 companies to those who haven’t yet registered their businesses. It’s all over the board and a lot of fun.”

Allison Dile/CoLaunch

The space allows remote workers to come together, build a community and bounce ideas off one another. There’s a chance to socialize, too, as CoLaunch organizes Taco Tuesdays and Happy Hours. Plus, there’s a Mastermind group where members can help each other with business problems they’re facing.

The idea here? You, too, can find your remote work community in Muskegon.

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