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Fargo, ND Neighborhoods Overview

Fargo, ND features a wide variety of real estate options that range from classically designed historic single-family homes to contemporary, upscale downtown lofts.

By Braxton Shoop on April 28, 2015

Woodhaven Neighborhood in Fargo, ND
Kevin Young

Fargo-Moorhead boasts a wide range of real estate from well-preserved historic designs to contemporary, urban lofts and apartments. The price tag is attractive, too. The Greater Fargo Moorhead Economic Development Corporation puts the average price for a single-family home at $189,200 and average rent for a two-bedroom apartment at $660.

South 8th Street Historic District

For upscale living, Fargo's South 8th Street Historic District stands out for its well-preserved historic designs and its heritage as a neighborhood housing numerous people of great business status and political influence. South 8th Street has maintained its historic character by preserving its turn-of-the-century street lights; large, well-manicured lawns; and curved sidewalks leading up to distinctively constructed houses featuring styles such as Colonial Revival, English Cottage, Dutch Colonial, Cube, Tudor and Mediterranean.


The Centennial neighborhood became part of Fargo when it was annexed between 1989 and 1995. This neighborhood consists primarily of charming single-family homes. Near these homes are a number of magnificent parks and multiuse trails including Centennial Park, Timberline Park, Oak Creek Park, Fox Run Conservancy, and Rose Coulee. Among these parks, Centennial Park stands out as offering the most activities as it features numerous baseball and softball fields, an ice skating rink, and a playground area. 


Downtown Fargo was once the core of Fargo's community and its primary business district. Over time, this district has become a mixed residential and commercial district. Presently, the distinct environment of this district offers residents a uniquely urban lifestyle with access to park amenities, trails, and entertainment venues. The numerous lofts available in downtown Fargo exemplify this urban living character. These lofts include the 8th Street Lofts, the Bristol Place Loft Apartments, and The Lofts on Roberts Apartments, to name a few. Fargo's recent development programs with the Renaissance Zone and the Neighborhood Revitalization Initiatives have caused a boom in commercial and residential development in the area. On the outskirts of this downtown neighborhood are detached single-family homes.

Bluemont Lakes

The Bluemont Lakes neighborhood is located in south Fargo. It became part of Fargo between 1975 and 1986. This neighborhood is primarily residential, but it is adjacent to 25th Street and 32nd Avenue, which are two major commercial areas. On the northwest corner of Bluemont Lakes is Woodbury Park, and on the south central edge is Ed Clapp Park, which features basketball courts, an ice skating rink and a playground. 

North Side Historic District

Fargo's North Side Historic District is divided into two distinct smaller districts, which are North Side Fargo Builder's Residential Historic District and North Side Fargo High Style Residential Historic District. The Builder's Residential Historic District features homes constructed of brick and stucco and characterized by a Tudor revival style. The High Style Residential Historic District consists of homes made from brick, shingle, and stucco and characterized by American Foursquare architecture.

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