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Why Are Roswell Companies Thriving?

Diverse economy, great weather and strong workforce development are among the many assets of this New Mexico city.

By Heather Cherry on December 9, 2022

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Roswell companies enjoy a diverse and thriving economy that includes major industry sectors in aerospace, agribusiness, manufacturing and health care. Located at the gateway to the Permian Basin, the Roswell, NM, region is served by four-lane highways in every direction as well as rail and commercial air service. A key benefit is an abundant supply of water and lower energy costs.

Major companies in Roswell include Ascent Aviation, Leprino Foods, Red Mountain Arsenal and USA Beef Packing.

“Our region is attractive for many types of companies. We have low natural disasters, dry weather and a lot of sunshine. That type of environment is great for manufacturing,” says Michael Espiritu, president of the Roswell-Chaves County Economic Development Corp. “We also have a low cost of living, great quality of life, strong workforce development and are easily accessible.”

Red Mountain Arsenal in Roswell, NM
Red Mountain Arsenal

Diverse Economy in Roswell

Roswell has attracted sophisticated manufacturers, such as Red Mountain Arsenal, an ammunition manufacturing company that builds centerfire pistol and rifle cartridges.

The company was launched in Arizona in 2018 and relocated to Roswell. The company is New Mexico’s only manufacturer of military-grade small-caliber ammunition for military and law enforcement agencies.

A key asset in the region is Roswell Air Center, the former Walker Air Force Base. The Air Center has a 13,000-foot runway and a 10,000-foot crosswind runway. The air center, which spans 4,000 acres, has attracted several aviation and aerospace operations.

“The main business at the air center is with our tenants who do aircraft maintenance,” says Scott Stark, Roswell Air Center director. “We have the opportunity for more businesses to come in, especially ancillary to the maintenance businesses. There’s plenty of opportunity at the air center to add on those ancillary businesses and offer hundreds of jobs that can support the airport as well as other businesses in town.”

Big Beef and Cheese

Agriculture is also an important part of the economy. “We have a growing sector in that regard,” Espiritu says. “Our beef industry provides products to many national carriers and consumers.”

One of the region’s largest employers is USA Beef Packing, which came to Chaves County in 2017.

Additionally, the region is one of the major dairy producers in the state. “We have many dairy farms,” Espiritu says. “The dairy farms provide products to the Leprino Foods Co., but also service dairy needs to other producers.”

Leprino Foods operates one of the world’s largest cheese plants in the region. The company, which employs 600 workers in Roswell, is investing $60 million in the plant for upgrades to wastewater systems.

“It’s a great place to start a business, get a new job, or expand your career. As far as living, Roswell offers a quiet, small-town atmosphere. Roswell is a good place to grow up and a good place to stay.”

Scott Stark, Roswell Air Center director

Plentiful Job Opportunities in Roswell

For those at any point in their career – from entry-level to experienced – there are many opportunities for you in Roswell. “Our community is also one of the highest with apprenticeship programs,” Espiritu says. “Many local businesses here are tied into these programs, providing more opportunities for folks to get hired or expand their career.”

Overall, Roswell is a growing city that is home to a thriving population. If you’re seeking a neighborly vibe rooted in culture, Roswell may be just the spot.

“It’s a safe community where children still play in the street,” Espiritu says. “We have great apartment complexes, city parks with a recreational area and many good things for families. As people look to relocate, they consider Roswell because we have great access, great service, and the cost of living is so good.

“It’s also a Spanish-English community, with about 52% of the population in Roswell being Hispanic. That brings a unique flavor to the community but also companies that have a need for a multilingual workforce.”

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