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Housing and Real Estate in Altoona, PA

All the facts, figures and information you need to choose housing in this city.

By Livability.com on June 16, 2016

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Searching for a new home in Altoona, Pennsylvania? Picking a city can be a hard process but Livability will arm you with all the facts, figures and information you need to get your process underway.

Let's get started with some basics: Altoona has a population of 45,987 who live in 20,956 households. About 89.5 percent are occupied and 10.5 percent are vacant. That's an average vacancy rate than the rest of the U.S.. A typical home here has three or more bedrooms. 

The largest share of homes in Altoona were built before 1940. About 1 percent of homes were built after 2000. On the older end of the spectrum, 73.3 percent of houses were built before 1960. This is a very settled community with a much higher percentage of residents living here for more than 15 years than most cities.

How much do houses cost in Altoona? 

In general, houses are much less expensive than the in U.S. average with only 0.6 percent of the homes in this market costing more than $500,000. Residents find this community to be more affordable than in most cities. A buyer looking to spend less than $200,000 will find about 95 percent of homes here in that range. Another 4 percent of houses fall between $200,000 and $300,00. If you're trying to sell a home in Altoona recent homes have sold for below asking price, according to zillow.com. Homes have spent an average of days on market. A typical home here sells for about $84,500. 


Who lives in Altoona?

This area has a lower number of households made up of married couples with kids, making it a less family-oriented community than most. Elementary school kids make up 43 percent of the population while another 20 percent are in high school. The adults have a much lower rate of educational attainment than the nation as a whole — 16 percent have at least a bachelor's degree. 

Some final details about the makeup of the community. The population has a higher than usual concentration of veterans. It also features a very high number of residents who were born in the state. This is a well-settled population with a much higher than usual portion of the residents having lived here at least 15 years. About 12 percent of residents moved here in the last year. Of those, 9 percent moved from within the same county, 2.7 percent moved from a different county within the state, 1.2 percent moved from a different state, and just 0.1 percent moved from abroad. 

That should get you on your way in your search for housing and real estate in Altoona, Pennsylvania. 
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