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Diverse Economy Creates Abundant Career Opportunities in Greenville, SC

With a prime location, superior quality of life and ample career opportunities, Greenville is becoming a destination of choice for young professionals.

By Heather Cherry on October 17, 2022


Find your calling in Greenville, a business-friendly community that caters to people from diverse industries.

“I am a native of Greenville. I’ve seen Greenville change, grow and expand. It’s a beautiful thing to see how the city has become diverse in businesses and individuals that choose to call it home,” says Cheryl Garrison, executive director of the Greenville Chamber Foundation and director of talent education and leadership at the Greenville Chamber of Commerce. “Whether you are entering the workforce or growing your career, there are many companies and career opportunities at different levels – making the opportunity to stay in the area much more attractive.”

Diverse Employers

The region boasts a diverse pool of employers, including GE Gas Power, Duke Energy, Lockheed Martin, Prisma Health, Bon Secours St. Francis Health System, TD Bank and Michelin North America. Industry sectors such as aviation/ aerospace, biosciences and automotive are on the rise. Since 2015, the region has added nearly 23,000 nonfarm jobs.

Lockheed Martin, for example, added a production line to manufacture F-16 Block 70 aircraft that will add 300 jobs to its local workforce of about 900.

“We’re facing an unprecedented time as far as competitiveness in the labor market,” says Madison Callahan, a Lockheed Martin spokesperson in Greenville. “That, in and of itself, is a challenge – we’re facing similar challenges as everyone else. But additionally, the specific skill sets we’re hiring for play into that, too. We’ve put a lot of effort into staying competitive and attracting and retaining top talent. This includes offering similar incentives as other companies, but also having a mission that people want to be a part of.”


Vibrant Small Business

The small-business community continues to create many job opportunities. In fact, small businesses create 75% of the new net jobs in the U.S. and make up over 85% of Greenville Chamber’s investors. “There has been a push to support local businesses for the last few years. There are days where it’s promoted to buy local,” says Garrison. “Many surrounding municipalities have main streets and communities that have created a destination within themselves. Greenville is growing. There are so many needs and opportunities for small business owners to start and grow a business because of the continued population growth we are having.”

Clemson University – University Relations
Clemson University

Educated Workforce

Whether you are looking to get your first degree or further your education, you’ll have plenty of options in the region including Clemson University, Furman University, University of South Carolina-Upstate and Greenville Technical College.

“We have a robust education system, with several colleges and universities. There are also many continuing education opportunities for a professional in their career that may need additional skills – all are easily accessible in Greenville,” says Garrison. “The idea of becoming and remaining a continuous learner exists here strongly.”

Lockheed Martin
Lockheed Martin
Lockheed Martin

Pristine Work-Life Balance

Greenville is an excellent place to pursue a work-life balance. It’s easy to commute from home to work, with a commute time of fewer than 25 minutes, so you do not have to worry about spending too much time in traffic every day.

In addition, the area’s vibrant downtown offers many entertainment options for post-work or weekend fun.

“Greenville is an area that continues to grow and gain a lot of attention from people who aren’t from South Carolina,” says Leslie Farmer, a communications lead at Lockheed Martin. “For the people from South Carolina, it’s exciting to see how Greenville has grown over the last several years – particularly, the businesses coming to the area and the job opportunities available. There is no shortage of job opportunities for those looking.”

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