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This edition of This is Iowa is sponsored by Iowa South

Iowa is packed with job opportunities in cutting-edge industries like health care, finance and education technology. Entrepreneurs and businesses flock here for the low tax rates, strong local talent pool, and collaborative and creative culture. The state’s educational institutions draw students and faculty from around the world, including an impressive roster of legendary writers who study and teach at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop at the University of Iowa.

This is Iowa is sponsored by Iowa Economic Development Authority

In This Issue

Affordable Places to Live

6 Reasons To Move to Iowa Right Now

Education, Careers & Opportunity

Seeking a Work-Life Balance? You’ll Fall in Love with Iowa

Experiences & Adventures

83 Ways to Explore the Outdoors in Iowa

Education, Careers & Opportunity

Looking for a Great State to Launch a Startup?

Education, Careers & Opportunity

3 Reasons Why You Should Do Business in Iowa

Love Where You Live

Iowa Yields Bumper Crop of Amazing Artists

Healthy Places

How to Have Fun and Stay Fit in Iowa

Education, Careers & Opportunity

In Iowa, You Can Earn While You Learn

Education, Careers & Opportunity

Green Energy Powers Economy, Bright Future in Iowa

Education, Careers & Opportunity

Goal: Connect Everyone to High-Speed Internet in Iowa

Education, Careers & Opportunity

Iowa Schools Keep Students STEM-ulated

Experiences & Adventures

9 Fun Things to Experience Your First Year in Iowa

Education, Careers & Opportunity

Iowa Investments Improve Communities

Experiences & Adventures

Flying Toward the Future: Des Moines International Airport is Set for Expansion

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