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These Are the 8 Most Stunning Waterfalls in Tennessee

These amazing Tennessee waterfalls definitely call for a road trip.

By Emily Handy on February 15, 2018

Tennessee Waterfalls

Tennessee isn’t just home to all things country music. In fact, some of the most jaw-dropping waterfalls can be spotted throughout the Volunteer State’s rolling hills if you know where to look. Here are eight amazing Tennessee waterfalls that definitely call for a road trip.

1. Cummins Falls

Located about an hour and a half from Nashville, Cummins Falls has been a local hangout and swimming hole for more than 100 years. The beautiful 75-foot falls can only be reached by foot, and you’ll have to undergo a pretty strenuous hike to get there, but it’s totally worth it. Sit on the rocky tiers or swim in the deep, cool pool at the bottom–it’s up to you!

2. Fall Creek Falls

Fall Creek Falls sprawls across a whopping 26,000 acres, and is known as Tennessee’s largest state park. It’s also home to its namesake, Fall Creek Falls, a 256-foot tall waterfall and one of the tallest in the eastern U.S. With more than 34 miles of trails, hikers can use one of the day trails or, if they’re feeling daring, opt for an overnight trail to get their waterfall fix.

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3. Ozone Falls

Crossville, Tennessee is home to this waterfall that plunges 110 feet down into a deep pool. Behind the waterfall perches a natural-made “amphitheater†carved into the rocks. If you’re a Jungle Book fan, it’s a bear necessity for you to see Ozone Falls, as locals say a scene from the movie was filmed here.

4. Burgess Falls

Visitors to Burgess Falls State Park will be treated to four waterfalls increasing in height, with the biggest and most spectacular falls saved for last. Burgess Falls cascades down more than 130 feet into the gorge below. Beware to less capable hikers: The 1.5-mile trek down to it is beautiful, yet steep and strenuous.

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5. Virgin Falls

These 110-foot falls are created by an underground stream emerging from a cave. Located in White County in the Virgin Falls Natural Area, the area’s unique features, including caves and other notable waterfalls, make this one a must-see. However, make sure to allow at least five hours for the hike in, as the strenuous trail is nine miles in and out. 

6. Foster Falls

One of the most scenic places in all of Tennessee is located just under two hours from Nashville. Foster Falls is also one of the most accessible waterfalls anywhere in the state, with an easy trail leading to a suspension bridge at the base of the falls for prime viewing of the 60-foot cascades.

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7. Greeter Falls

These beautiful falls are found in South Cumberland State Park, in the Savage Gulf State Natural Area. Greeter Falls is fed by Firescald Creek and flow into a smaller 15-foot upper section leading to the main event–the 50-foot lower falls. If you’re lucky enough, heavy rains will add to the creek and create a sight you definitely won’t want to miss.

8. Piney Creek Falls

These falls are located in the Fall Creek Falls State Park and are the most remote of the park’s waterfalls. At 95 feet, Piney Creek Falls is worth a peek, even though the rim offers obstructed views. If you’re adventurous and want a better view, a five mile hike to the floor of the gorge awaits.

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