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A Picker at Home: History Channel Star Mike Wolfe

American Pickers star loves living in Williamson County.

By Phil Newman on January 4, 2016


When Mike Wolfe wraps up another adventurous road trip, unearthing antiques and filming fresh episodes of his popular History Channel show American Pickers, he likes to recharge at his Williamson County property and reflect on the many reasons he and his family call the community home.

Wolfe counts among his “top three reasons” for living here the county’s “amenities – great shopping and restaurants, places of historical interest and incredible natural beauty, and of course music and culture; its sense of community, especially creative community; and its robust economy, driven by a huge tourism industry and vital arts scene.”

An Iowa native, Wolfe also operates two Antique Archaeology shops, one in Nashville’s Marathon Village and the other along the Mississippi River in LeClaire, Iowa.

As a man who appreciates the preservation potential of discarded bikes, cars, motorcycles, furniture and other artifacts – “rusty gold,” as he is apt to call the items he “picks” out of dusty barns and basements (and often haggles to purchase on his TV show) – it’s no surprise that efforts to preserve Williamson County’s private properties and public green spaces resonate with Wolfe.

“Since natural beauty and openness are among the things that make this such an amazing place to live and work, of course I think preserving those things is extremely important,” he says. “I’m not anti–growth, but I’m a staunch supporter of making intelligent development choices that won’t in the long run undermine the reasons we choose to be here.”

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