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Real Estate Offerings in Williamson County Are Remote Work Ready

What once was luxurious has become a standard in the world of remote work.

By Cary Estes on December 15, 2020

Williamson County TN
Franklin / Nathan Lambrecht

Real estate in Williamson County is far and wide. As in, you don’t have to look very far to find a wide range of options.

The luxurious lifestyle that has long been the county’s hallmark is still there, attracting buyers and renters seeking high-end housing at lower costs than what is typically found closer to downtown Nashville. But many of the county’s newer options are even more affordable while still maintaining that upscale look and feel.

“There is a broad range of price points in Williamson County,” says Jim Terrell, managing broker with Pilkerton Realtors in Brentwood. “From a starter home to the luxury houses, there’s something to meet everybody’s needs.”

Welcome Home: Williamson County’s Many Neighborhoods

The same is true with apartments and condominiums, ranging from the self-described “luxury apartments” at the three properties in the county operated by IMT Residential to the new 237-unit Wood Duck Court condos created with the help of the Community Housing Partnership. But regardless of the price, both styles have an increased emphasis on aesthetics and amenities.

Or, as IMT Senior Community Manager Michelle Sweeney says, “Things that were considered a luxury 10 years ago are standard now.”

Williamson County TN
Franklin / Jeff Adkins

Remote-Work Friendly

With more people working from home these days because of the effects of COVID-19, real estate experts say that Williamson County properties are in greater demand. For many people, this is partly because the commute to and from Nashville is no longer an overriding factor in where they live.

“People aren’t as concerned about their commute because they expect to work from home more often,” says Matt Ligon, managing broker with Pilkerton Realtors in Franklin. “They know they’re not going to commute five times a week any longer, so they’re moving to Williamson County where they can get more house and more space.” 

From the Ground Up: Why Williamson County is the Perfect Place to Build a Business

That space is needed, since in many cases, home offices have become a necessity rather than a luxury, a trend that is being seen in condo/ apartment complexes, as well. For example, IMT Residential Operations Manager Marianna Musotto points out that IMT Cool Springs recently concluded a $1 million renovation to one of its large clubhouses, which now includes working areas with free Wi-Fi connection.

And it’s not just Tennesseans who are attracted to Williamson County. Ligon says he has seen “a good number of buyers” relocating to the area from Illinois, California and New York

“We have a very robust market,” Ligon says. “Things have come back very strong following the COVID shutdown. There’s been a lot of pent-up demand. Our market across the board, from luxurious to more affordable, is selling at a quick pace.”

Williamson County TN
Franklin / Nathan Lambrecht

Aspirational and Attainable

Regardless of where people are coming from, they are all seeking the comfortable style of living that can be found throughout Williamson County. In addition to Cool Springs, which is the result of two properties being merged into one larger community, IMT also operates IMT Franklin Gateway and IMT at the Galleria. All three have an emphasis on amenities, such as in-home washers and dryers, granite countertops, fitness centers and resident lounges.

Meanwhile, McEwen Northside promotes itself as a “thoughtfully planned urban hot spot,” providing a mixture of shopping and eating options, office space and greenspace to go along with the residences.

“The benefits of apartment living continue to get more popular,” says Jeff Furman, vice president of development for Northwood Ravin, which operates McEwen Northside. “People who rent don’t want to sacrifice any of the creature comforts you have in a $600,000 house, so we are putting things in and around apartments now that 10 years ago were available only in high-end condo projects.”

How Williamson County Creates A Healthy Community

It is a similar situation at the Retreat at Iron Horse, located on a hilltop next to the Vanderbilt Legends Golf Course. The apartments feature such amenities as built-in computer desks and spacious closets, while the property includes a 7,000-square-foot clubhouse and 20 acres of green space.

The Wood Duck Court condos also strive for luxury and affordability, with even the largest units selling for less than $250,000. The goal of the Community Housing Partnership is to offer buyer-owned opportunities for lower-income families.

All these are examples of how there truly is something for everyone when it comes to housing options in Williamson County, but with one overall connection.

“It’s all about a community type approach,” Furman says. “There’s a big emphasis on making the living experience even better.

If you’d like to learn more about the Williamson County area, check out the latest edition of Livability Williamson County, TN

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