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Why Rutherford County, TN is a Great Place for Remote Workers

Excellent quality-of-life, affordability and inclusiveness make this Middle Tennessee region an excellent choice for relocation.

By Rebecca Treon on September 17, 2021

cyclists riding on greenway

When it comes to relocating for a new job, individuals tend to have a few requirements that need to be met before they’ll start packing up the moving trucks.

These usually include finding a great home or an apartment, living in an affordable community, being in close proximity to recreation areas, art-rich communities and a diverse cuisine scene, and, of course, finding a must-have job in an area that is economically sound. Ring a bell?

As remote working has increased largely due to the pandemic, folks are still looking to move – even more so since they have the flexibility to work from anywhere and not be tied to an office.

The good news is Rutherford County, which has been a must live-and-work destination for years, thanks to its high quality of life and abundant career opportunities, is also set up to appeal to any remote worker.

Not only are its location, amenities and affordability attractive, but with major companies like Nissan North America, Amazon, ICEE, Ingram Content Group, Verizon, General Mills and Bridgestone Americas in the area, job opportunities are available if an individual feels like looking for an in-office job down the road.

Affordability, Hospitality Sold Murfreesboro Couple

A perfect remote working example involves Murfreesboro, TN residents Michael and Melissa Eckholdt, who recently moved from Southern California with their children. Michael was able to take his job completely remote, and Melissa, who was in behavioral health, shifted to real estate.

“We have a number of friends who have relocated, are in the process of relocating or want to relocate,” Michael says. “There’s a lot of opportunity for families that have a remote work environment and a flexible schedule, and it allows the kids to be involved in extracurriculars and parents to participate.”

“Southern hospitality is a real thing.
People will stop and say ‘Hi,’ and it’s very inviting.”

Melissa Eckholdt/Murfreesboro resident

Rutherford County is affordable compared to other communities of a similar size across the U.S. WalletHub recently found that among the Best Small Cities for First-Time Home Buyers, Murfreesboro is among the top five, and the average rent falls between $1,000 and $1,500 per month.

Affordability was a deciding factor in the Eckholdts’ move — they were able to get acreage, pay less in taxes and live in an area that aligned with their values.

“Southern hospitality is a real thing. People will stop and say ‘Hi,’ and it’s very inviting. People are excited about the growth and people moving here from out of state,” Melissa says. “We wanted a little more elbow room without the cost. We wanted some room for our girls to run around where they weren’t right on top of each other. We wanted the kids to be able to go outside and play without getting run over by cars.”

children drawing with chalk

Rutherford County Offers Inclusiveness, Much More

Rutherford County is proud of being a welcoming and diverse community, and it is continually working to be more inclusive. Part of that effort now is the recently opened Freedom Playground in Smyrna, where those with and without disabilities can play together.

In addition to this asset, locals also love that the county has a robust retail and dining landscape, including Hungry Howie’s Pizza, which serves up everything from wings, subs, desserts, Howie bread, salad and, of course, some pretty great slices. And adults and families can find plenty to explore in the area, like Murfreesboro’s recently expanded 15-mile greenway.

Murfreesboro’s Barfield Crescent Park features leaf-laden hiking trails, campsites, sports fields, a disc golf course, Wilderness Station and a family fun space. Another recreation area is Sharp Springs Natural Area in Smyrna, TN, which includes a dog park, practice fields and catch-and-release ponds.

“You can be five minutes from everything and yet five minutes from nothing. That’s what we like. You can be in the city and be close to the peace and quiet of nature,” Michael Eckholdt says. “Having that flexibility to go where you need to go within minutes has been really nice to us because we love to be outdoors, and it’s on our doorstep.”

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