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Enjoy Fabulous Farms in Robertson County, TN

Agritourism continues to blossom in this stunning region north of Nashville.

By Wesley Broome on May 3, 2023

Fall Festival at Honeysuckle Hill Farm in Robertson County, Tennessee
Nathan Lambrecht

The working farms in Robertson County have planted deep roots. The county’s slogan sums it up perfectly: “Minutes from Nashville, Miles from Ordinary.” Tobacco-smoking barns, blossoming orchards and green pastures have been tended to by generations of farmers and continue to draw visitors from across the country.

Business is Blooming

At Shade Tree Farm and Orchard in Adams, the blossoming of fruit trees in spring is a sight to behold. “There’s no place prettier than Robertson County,” says Sarah Head, who owns the orchard with her husband, Tom. “It’s a beautiful, diverse county.”

The Heads were high school sweethearts growing up in Robertson County. Now they work together at fulfilling Tom’s lifelong dream of owning a farm. Tom purchased the 90-acre farm in 1983, but it wasn’t until 2009 that they began to explore agritourism.

Shade Tree Farm and Orchard in Adams
Shade Tree Farm and Orchard

“[Agritourism] has helped people that maybe weren’t going to farm anymore,” says Head. “They added agritourism to their farm and it’s just turned their business around. It’s been something they never expected.”

Shade Tree Farm and Orchard hosts “pick your own” events from July through the first week of November. Visitors can pick apples, blueberries and blackberries, then enjoy apple cider and doughnuts at the farm’s storefront.

“Nothing warms my heart [more] than for someone to tell me that they come every year,” Head says.

White House Pumpkin Patch in Tennessee
White House Pumpkin Patch

Fun in the Fall

From Sept. 1 to Halloween, the White House Pumpkin Patch is a regional destination. “We’ve had people moving here from just everywhere,” says Barry Jones, who runs White House Pumpkin Patch with his family.

Like several other agritourism attractions in the area, White House Pumpkin Patch is still a working farm. Jones and his family tend to 80 acres of tobacco, along with hay and cattle. The farm is also home. “I was born and raised on the farm we live on now,” says Jones.

The pumpkin patch is another way to attract business to the farm. Jones attributes part of its success to the recent growth of White House and the proximity of the farm to cities like Nashville and Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

“People love to come out here in the county and see the smoking barns,” Jones says.

Honeysuckle Hill Farm in Robertson County, TN
Nathan Lambrecht

Find Thrills on the Hill

Honeysuckle Hill Farm in Coopertown is yet another popular autumn attraction.

Jeff and Lisa Alsup grew their business from 12 acres purchased in 1995. Now covering 200 acres, the farm’s yearly fall festival runs from late September through October and features a pumpkin patch, flower patch and corn maze.

Honeysuckle Hill Nights is a unique way to get a taste of fall. Glowing pumpkins, bonfires and fireworks light up the night, and visitors will be sure to work up an appetite. Luckily, there are a variety of vendors selling everything from hot dogs and barbecue to fudge and lemonade.

Bernard Farms in Orlinda
Nathan Lambrecht

Generations Deep

In Orlinda, Julie Bernard runs Bernard Farms with her husband, Steve, who represents the farm’s fourth generation; their children will be the fifth. “Robertson County is known for agriculture,” Bernard says. “All we know is farming.”

Bernard Farms specializes in pork and beef. Their cattle and hogs are raised and processed on the farm. At their storefront, which opened in 2021, custom cuts are available year-round. Part of Bernard Farms’ mission is to educate the public, especially younger generations, about the origins of their food.

Bernard Farms Custom Cuts and Market in Orlinda, TN
Nathan Lambrecht

“We like to encourage kids to learn where their food comes from. A lot of people have become detached from the farm.”

Julie Bernard

In addition to the storefront, the farm hosts seasonal events throughout the year, from hayrides in the fall to cupcake decoration for kids in the spring.

While the agritourism part of their business has been essential, Bernard stresses that it is still a working farm. “Diversification on the farm is very important,” Bernard says. “You always have to have new ideas to be profitable.”

Agritourism is part of what helps keep farms in Robertson County alive and thriving. These hard-working farmers graciously invite the public to experience part of what makes the county so unique.

The Barn at Fiddle Dee Farms in Greenbrier, TN
Lauren Elizabeth Photography

And Don’t Forget the Bountiful Barns

Four businesses in Robertson County bring a whole new meaning to the word “barn.”

Springfield Antique Barn is a destination for the perfect antique item. The “Barn” was constructed in 1923 as a warehouse for tobacco, and now this large antique mall has 125 booths. There are two full floors of collectible furniture, coins, quilts, books and other relics.

Cedar Hill is home to Murph’s Country Music Barn, a honky-tonk haven for true country music fans. The 10,000-square-foot building is great for country concerts and dancing, but Murph’s is also used as an event center for weddings, corporate meetings, birthday parties and family reunions.

Used originally in the early 1900s as a barn to cure dark tobacco, The Brier Barn today is a beautiful wedding venue in Greenbrier. The transformation took place in 2016, and owners the Dorris family retained the building’s historic atmosphere by keeping the timber framing and the dark finish on the interior walls, constructed for the tobacco fi ring process.

Also in Greenbrier, The Barn at Fiddle Dee Farms is used as a wedding and events venue, with the towering barn graced with cupolas, large beams, crystal chandeliers, and stone and cedar accents. Fiddle Dee Farms hosts fall pumpkin and corn maze events from September through November, but weddings are booked all year.

Barn-based businesses and venues in the area also include Cedars at Carr Creek, Red River Farms and L&L Farm, among others.

Staff writer Kevin Litwin contributed to this article.

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