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4 Reasons to Move to Robertson County Right Now

This gem just north of Nashville, TN, offers an idyllic location that blends urban and rural living.

By Erica Buehler on June 6, 2022

Downtown Springfield, TN, is abuzz with activity.
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Just north of Nashville is the slightly quieter but just as warm and welcoming Robertson County, which claims 11 distinct communities that are home to vibrant town centers, parks, trails and other outdoor attractions. And while residents enjoy the perk of having Music City and all it has to offer – including a major airport – nearby, living in Robertson County means folks can have “the complete” lifestyle.

What does that entail, you might ask? Well, let’s start with the basics.

Historic home in Springfield, TN

1. You can afford to live here.

For one, affordability isn’t just a buzzword here. It’s a way of life that residents can appreciate. In fact, with the median home price being 20% less than that of the Nashville MSA, people can find a beautiful home at a lower cost. This means they can spend more of their money on things they enjoy. Gerald and Ellen Southergill, who have lived in Springfield, TN, since 2005, love the region’s economy.

“It’s very affordable here,” Gerald says. “We just sold our first home for almost $400,000, and the annual property taxes were $1,800.”

Even a trip to the DMV to register a new vehicle – a process Gerald says is something you actually look forward to in Robertson County – costs less than in many other states.

2. You will feel welcomed here.

Other positive aspects of the county are its welcoming nature and fast-growing population, which is made up of a diverse mix of people, including sizable Hispanic, Latinx and Black populations. And trust us, neighborly gestures are something you can come to expect when you live here.

“As you’re driving down the road, everyone waves, whether they know you or not,” Gerald says. “It’s a really great community with plenty of churches around that are active. And if you want to get involved, there are plenty of things to do. It’s a very homey, loving area.”

Willow Oak Center for Arts & Learning in Springfield, TN
Lacie Beu

3. There’s plenty of fun things to do.

Moreover, Robertson County’s arts and entertainment offerings are quite impressive. Stan Stanley, who is on the Robertson County Players Board of Directors, says the area is “ripe with opportunities to participate in the visual and performing arts.”

An amateur theater group that has been around for over 40 years, the Robertson County Players are a big entertainment draw for locals, as is the Willow Oak Center for Arts & Learning, a nonprofit organization that functions as a full-time school and offers numerous community arts classes for children and adults.

“The arts – if done right – can be a big uniter for the community (as a whole),” Stanley says. “Not to mention how it improves schools and performance as well as real estate dollars.”

And done right, they are – numerous artistic locales and events here bring the community together. Examples include live music venue Murph’s Country Music Barn, First Friday Night Markets, which take place during the summer season and offer food trucks, local vendors, activities for kids and more, and the annual Bell Witch Festival, which showcases several stage productions.

Innovation Academy in Spingfield, TN
Jeff Adkins

4. You can find a great job (and education!) here.

Yet another advantage of living in this county? The job opportunities are vast, as the region boasts strong manufacturing, logistics, health care and agribusiness sectors, and they, too, continue to grow. In fact, the county added more than 9,000 people to its civilian labor force between 2010 and 2019.

And for those with children, preparing your child for the workforce is easy when you live in Robertson County. The region offers the Innovation Academy, a STEAM magnet school program created at Springfield Middle School, which focuses on project-based learning activities meant to prepare students for college and careers, and the Gateway STEM Center, where students can learn about the past, present and future of space exploration. Also, the county had 11 Level 5 schools as of 2021 and a district graduation rate of 95%.

The Bottom Line

A “complete” lifestyle in Robertson County, rich in affordability, arts and entertainment, job opportunities, educational options and more await. Ready to learn more about putting down roots in Robertson? Check out the latest edition of Livability’s Experience Robertson County, Tennessee.

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