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Check Out These New Developments in Robertson County

Woolen Mills renovations in Springfield, Town Square Commons in Greenbrier, and White House's city complex and housing boom are major happenings right now.

By John McBryde on May 5, 2023

The Woolen Mills in downtown Springfield still maintains its historic bones.
Jeff Adkins

While officials with Southern States Construction have their eyes on the future through the ongoing renovation project at Woolen Mills, they are also paying close attention to the Springfield landmark’s past.

The 5-acre tract of buildings and grounds has largely remained vacant for the past several years, but it has a rich history that dates back to the early 1900s.

Three brothers – Harry, Will and John Tatham – brought a vast knowledge of milling to Springfield from Franklin, Kentucky, in 1903. They were especially experienced in the milling process for making blankets, and soon the facility had government contracts and was eventually supplying blankets for soldiers in World War I.

At a time when Robertson County was in need of a large employer, Woolen Mills provided not only jobs for area residents, but also a new way of life. It brought forth employment and a better quality of life for families and their descendants through generations.

Woolen Mills has a rich history that dates back to the early 1900s.
Woolen Mills

Homage to Woolen Mills’ Workers

That’s an important aspect to the plans that Southern States Construction has for the property it purchased in June 2022, says Micah Buck, the company’s chief operations officer.

“I don’t know if it’s the first mixed-use development [in Robertson County], but it is unique and apart from any other mixed-use development,” Buck says. “There are so many people tied to that facility. They worked there or their parents or aunts and uncles worked there. We’re doing our best to preserve that through pictures and articles from the past to help people remember what was there.”

Bright Future at Woolen Mills

Plans for the development call for a variety of uses to include office space, retail, restaurants and eventually condos and town homes. A 500-seat venue will be a centerpiece of Woolen Mills, a place for weddings, parties, social events, business conferences and other similar events.

Southern States Construction made the decision to purchase the Woolen Mills property after the company’s founder and CEO Kirk Johnson realized its potential after years of having driven by the campus.

“The architecture piqued his interest,” Buck says. “He started digging into the background on it and did some research on the history of it, and decided it would be a good project for our company to take on and something that would benefit Springfield and the whole community.”

The property’s first tenant is Southern States Construction itself, which moved its operations from Greenbrier. “We want to have our own events there that draw the community out for entertainment or family time or whatever, to add that value to the local community,” Buck says.

“They don’t have to drive to Nashville if they want to do something as a family. They can stay here and spend time in Springfield.”

Boon for the Economy

Indeed, Woolen Mills is expected to not only have an impact on lifestyles in Robertson County but also on the economy. Margot Fosnes, former chief economic development officer for Robertson County Economic Development, says the project will have a huge economic impact.

“This kind of development will enhance the quality of life in Springfield,” she says. “As we have seen over the past five years, there has been an influx of people moving to downtown Springfield’s historic district from other areas … There’s a lot of new businesses in downtown Springfield, and this is going to further accelerate that. It brings the kind of amenities that corporate managers are looking for.”

Elsewhere, Fosnes points out other projects that have taken hold in Robertson County. One is Town Square Commons in Greenbrier, where a couple of local developers bought a block downtown and turned it into a town center of sorts.

There are similar steps being taken in the White House city complex, which will include a library, a new recreation center, a splash pad and an amphitheater.

“The Woolen Mills project is very similar in that we are redeveloping a blighted area of Springfield and bringing an opportunity,” Fosnes says. “This will increase not only the property tax revenue but also the sales tax revenue because of the retail opportunities that are there.”

Hot Housing Market in White House

White House is ranked among the “Best Places to Raise a Family in Tennessee” according to WalletHub, and the city has an abundance of diverse home options for growing families.

Several hundred single-family and multifamily houses are being planned or already under construction. That includes the Dorris Farm at Willow Spring development, which will ultimately feature about 450 homes built on both sides of Tyree Springs Road.

The largest planned development in White House is The Parks, where more than 700 single-family homes will be constructed off Pinson Road near White House Heritage High School.

Also planned for White House is a development tentatively called Beech Grove, which will bring 113 townhomes and retail space to 10 acres along Highway 31W near the W.L. Anderson Sports Complex. Another development, the Reserve at Palmers Crossing, will feature 115 single-family homes off Newbury Drive.

Meanwhile, other housing developments either scheduled or currently under construction in White House include Calista Farm, Highland Park, Jackson Farm, Marlin Pointe and Willow Grove.

Staff Writer Kevin Litwin contributed to this article.

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