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Robertson County Residents Have the Keys to Success

Cope & Associates helps you make your move in Robertson County.

By Livability on May 10, 2021

robertson county
Courtesy of Cope & Associates Realty and Auction

Going once, going twice, SOLD!

Cope & Associates Realty and Auction closes the deal when it comes to buying and selling property in Robertson County. Led by broker and auctioneer Ed Cope, the agency’s diverse portfolio includes residential, agricultural and commercial properties. 

The Springfield native and businessman had been in real estate for a number of years before opening Cope & Associates with his wife in October 2018. Debbie Cope, who oversees agency operations and has recently become a Realtor, says it’s such a privilege to work with clients. “Being part of the process to help people with one of the biggest decisions they’ll make is really a blessing.” 

While their last name might appear on the sign, Ed is quick to say the strength of the agency lies with the talented team of more 20 agents who provide outstanding customer service.

robertson county
Courtesy of Cope & Associates Realty and Auction

“The easiest customer to get is the customer you’ve already got,” he points out. “Therefore, it’s crucial to your success as a real estate agent to maintain your relationships.”

Debbie says she feels like she is learning from the best watching agents go the extra mile for every client. She particularly loves seeing how easily Ed interacts with everyone, but he’s quick to say it wasn’t always in his comfort zone.

“I have a tendency to be shy,” Ed says. “I was scared to death of being in front of a crowd and didn’t like feeling that the fear owned me.”

Thinking about the scariest thing he could imagine led him to seek his auctioneer’s license. Now he enjoys grabbing the mic and rattling off rapid-fire numbers to help clients get the most out of their properties.

Ed notes that real estate auctions had a negative connotation in the early 1980s when interest rates soared. “If you saw an auction sign on a property, it was like a tombstone,” he says. “It meant someone had failed financially.”

robertson county
Courtesy of Cope & Associates Realty and Auction

Today, an auction sign has a whole new meaning. “In an era of multiple offers, the auction method is the smartest way to sell property,” he says.

All interested parties know where the high bid stands and have the opportunity to increase their offer or walk away. In a hot market like Robertson County, auctions also shield sellers from undervaluing their property, letting market demand drive price.

Ed often puts his auctioneer skills to work for charitable causes, as well. In fact, the entire Cope & Associates team is active throughout the area.

“We just don’t think you can give enough back to a community that’s given us so much,” he concludes.

Whether supporting neighborhood causes or helping neighbors achieve their dreams, the agents at Cope & Associates are always ready to go to work for Robertson County. For more information, call 615-384-7500 or go online to copeandassociates.com.

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