Best Places to Live

Knoxville, TN

Population: 183,066
Courtesy of Knoxville Chamber of Commerce

As home to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, lets college grads experience the real world while holding on to the familiar college feel. Some might call it the perfect balance, and we tend to agree. It features a stable and diverse economy, bolstered by the Tennessee Valley Authority headquarters, and Knoxville's downtown is growing fast in terms of culture. Knoxville isn't far from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and if you live here you're never far from a good party.

Median resident age: 36

Married: 48%

Single: 52%

Median household income: $47,475

Median rent for a two-bedroom apartment: 707

Median travel time to work: 19 minutes

Total workforce: 254,912

White collar jobs: 76%

Blue collar jobs: 24%

Bachelor's degree: 21%

Masters degree: 15%