Pueblo, CO

#4. Pueblo CO

Denver real estate might be out of your reach as a first-time buyer, but you’ll definitely find more luck in the charming city of Pueblo, CO, located about two hours south of the big city. Pueblo has all of the amenities that make Colorado such a magical place to live — beautiful mountain views, an abundance of outdoor activities, unique local attractions and tasty food (seriously, you have to try their namesake chile) — all at about half the price of many other cities in the state.

Whereas the average cost of a home in Denver is about $400,000 and rising, you can snag a single-family home in Pueblo for an average of $192,800. Pueblo is generally affordable for most families and first-time buyers who are ready to take the real estate plunge, with an HOI of 80.7. In other words, most average income buyers can feasibly put a down payment on a home in Pueblo and invest in the community long-term. And this fun, growing community is definitely a good one to invest in.

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