10 Best Foodie Cities

We sniffed out and found 10 of the best food cities in America between the great food meccas of New York and L.A. Take a look at what we consider to be the best foodie cities in the country, and get ready to be hungry.

Foodies worth their sea salt know metropolitan cities like Paris, New York City and San Francisco are considered food meccas. But diverse dining offerings and a deep-rooted food culture can be uncovered in smaller towns and cities, too. searched 200 of the most livable cities in America to find the 10 most surprisingly vibrant cities for foodies to flex their taste buds.

These are cities and towns where gourmands can find some undiscovered gems. From farmers markets and independent restaurants to quality of life and cost of living, these aren't just some of the best food cities in America – they're great communities for everyone. For more in-depth info about these great food cities, just click through the list. Bon appetit!

Ranking Criteria

Excluded known food-lovers’ cities • Number of farmers markets • Number of independent restaurants • Overall quality of life • Cost of living

10. Pueblo, CO Population 108,073
9. Logan, UT Population 49,400
8. Wichita, KS Population 387,147
7. Albuquerque, NM Population 556,092
6. Eugene, OR Population 159,615
5. Walnut Creek, CA Population 66,799
4. Kansas City, MO Population 467,990
3. Boulder, CO Population 103,919
2. Asheville, NC Population 86,789
1. Traverse City, MI Population 15,168