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Why You Should Go on a Ghost Tour This Summer (Yes, Really)

Because doesn’t a chill down your spine sound refreshing right about now?

By Emily Handy on July 12, 2019

Savannah GA
Savannah / iStock/Marje

Ghosts aren’t just for Halloween anymore. City ghost tours are available year-round for some spooky fun, and chances are, there’s one in your city. Besides providing a good scare and sending a much-needed chill down your spine in the sweltering heat, there are some other surprising benefits to booking a ghost tour this summer.

It’s an Unexpected Way to Learn About a New City 

Whether you’re visiting a city you’ve never been to before or looking to further explore one you’ve lived in a long time, a ghost tour is a perfect way to get a crash course on its ins and outs. By embarking on a spooky walking tour, you may see a side of the city you never knew about. You’ll walk past restaurants, bars, and shops that you may want to visit later on in your trip, so be sure to keep a mental note!

Many ghost tours will take you a bit behind the scenes of a city. Everyone knows that Fort Lauderdale is a spring break capital, but did you know it’s also got a haunted past? A two-hour walking and boat tour from Fort Lauderdale Ghost Tours allows residents and visitors alike a chance to experience parts of the city you’d miss if you stick to the beaches.

Burlington VT
Burlington / Courtesy of postcard under a CC 2.0 license.

You’ll Learn Fascinating Local History

According to Thea Lewis, creator of Queen City Ghostwalk in Burlington, VT, ghost tours are a perfect way to bring a city’s history to life. “Whether you’re an average vacationer, trying to fit in as much fun and local color as possible when you travel, or a local, wanting to know more about the city or state you call home, a haunted history tour is the perfect mix of education and entertainment,” she said. “Most people want to know interesting and important tidbits about the places they live or visit, but many find facts alone a little dry. Ghostly tales are a magical hook that cover a lot of ground.”

Burlington does have a lot going for it, including being the home of the University of Vermont, which has been around since 1791 – plenty of time to rack up some quality hauntings.

As America’s oldest city and one absolutely packed with history, a ghost tour in St. Augustine, FL is also a can’t-miss experience. And ghost tour companies take their history seriously. Ghost Tours of St. Augustine even has Director of Education on staff to make sure that every guide conveys accurate and authentic information.

Savannah, GA
Savannah / Courtesy of jpellgen under a CC 2.0 license.

You’ll See Beautiful Scenery

A ghost tour doesn’t just have to be scary. Your guide will show you some of the most haunted institutions in your city, which tend to also be a feast for the eyes. The Hunstville-based Ghost Walk Twickenham Historic District, for example, takes tour-goers by stunning late 1800s Victorian architecture. 

Also in the South lies the city of Savannah, which is undoubtedly the country’s most haunted city, but also one of the most beautiful. Bonaventure Cemetery Tours takes guests through one of the most stunning Southern Gothic cemeteries in the world, while the Ghosts & Gravestones trolley tour gives you a break from walking and takes you by antebellum mansions and huge oak trees covered with Spanish moss. 

Charleston SC
Charleston / iStock/Castort

You Can Even Enjoy a Local Spirit With … Local Spirits

Finding a good watering hole in a new city can be hard, but a haunted pub crawl is an excellent solution, and it gives you the opportunity to try many of the city’s local libations. In the historic port town of Wilmington, NC, for example, the Haunted Pub Crawl of Old Wilmington takes visitors on a 2.5 hour tour to some of the cities best (and most haunted) local pubs. Be sure to indulge in a pint or two of one of Wilmington’s well-loved local beers from breweries like Flytrap Brewing and Cape Fear Wine and Beer

Hailed as one of America’s most historical and haunted cities, Charleston, SC, is also becoming well-known for its local brews. Charleston visitors and residents alike can get a taste of it all during a laid back Haunted Pub Crawl of the Market hosted by Bulldog Tours. Try a brew from North Charleston’s “brewery district” and soak in the history of some of the city’s most notoriously haunted bars like The Blind Tiger Pub.

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