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The Most Unique Wines Across the U.S.

Sip your way across the United States with these creative wine pairings.

By Kayla Walden on February 3, 2023

Stock photo of grapes on the vine at a vineyard.

Ever wondered how many varieties of wine are on the market? Of course, we all have favorites, like bubbly rosés, full-bodied reds or crisp whites. But when was the last time you strayed from your go-to glass and ventured a little more outside the box? If you fancy getting a bit experimental with your next tasting session, consider one of these 12 unique wines produced across the United States.

1. Cranberry Wine

Three Lakes Winery, Wisconsin
Three Lakes Winery is the second-oldest of its kind in Wisconsin, and it started making its Original Cranberry Wine in the early 1970s. It’s all about the whole fruits and berries over here. You won’t find any added juices or flavorings — just the easy, semi-sweet taste of local cranberries. It’s won plenty of gold medals, too, so you know it’s bound to be worth a taste.

2. Jalapeño Wine

Cardinal Hollow Winery, Pennsylvania
Are you a fan of all things spicy? Sipping on this jalapeño wine might be right up your alley — some say it’s like drinking an entire bottle of these punchy peppers. Nestled just a half-hour drive from Philadelphia, Cardinal Hollow Winery is the place to go if you want to take a chance on this spicy creation. Of course, if you want something a little more mellow but still outside the box, you could always order a bottle of their equally unique dandelion wine.

3. Macadamia Nut Honey Wine

Volcano Winery, Hawaii
Did you know you could make wine from macadamia nuts? Volcano Winery in Hawaii did, and they’ve drummed up quite a following with this unique invention. Combining the luxurious taste of honey with the smooth and rich flavor of macadamia nuts, this tastes like Hawaii in a bottle. It’s a dessert-style wine best enjoyed at the end of a meal and paired with your favorite tasty treat. You can enjoy it chilled or warmed like cider.

4. Coconut Pineapple Chardonnay

Fun Wine, Florida
If you’re missing the beach, or you just want something light, refreshing and a little different to drink on a warm summer night, we’ve got you covered. Coconut Chardonnay wine from Fun Wine offers a cheerful combination of coconut and pineapple flavors that isn’t going to leave you feeling like you drank an entire bottle of sugar. Sweet and bold, they say this one is best served chilled. Bonus? Christina Aguilera is the company’s chief culture officer!

5. Rhubarb Wine

Mill Lane Winery, Washington
Mill Lane Winery calls its rhubarb wine lightly sweet and simply delicious. And, after all, who doesn’t love a good rhubarb pie? They originally launched their winemaking adventures as a hobby, but it quickly became a thriving business. Today the company handcrafts a variety of small-batch wains at its Washington location.

6. Peach Wine

St. Kathryn Cellars, Colorado
Flavor is the name of the game at St. Kathryn Cellars in Palisade, Colorado. In their collection, you can find everything from apple blossom to golden pear wine, but the peach wine is a must-try. After all, Palisade is known for its bountiful peach orchards, so this one is well worth a taste.

7. Guava Wine

Schnebly Winery, Florida
Guavas are a tropical fruit low in calories and high in fiber. They’re also downright delicious. But who would’ve thought to use these delicious fruits to make wine? Schnebly Winery selects only the best guava fruits from the Caribbean and Central and South America to create this rich red wine that is best served at room temperature. Check out the Florida vineyard’s restaurant and book a tour. 

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