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Spring Cleaning – How to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Cleanliness, curb appeal, colors and even smell play a big role when selling your home.

By Kevin Litwin on May 8, 2017

Spring home selling
Courtesy of Ken Ratcliff under a CC 4.0 license.

I get my outdoor exercise by doing yard work, which is one of the key to-do factors when getting your home “sell ready” for the hot-selling spring and summer months. The National Realtors Association suggests that the first two weeks of May is the absolute best time to sell your place, so here are some get-ready tips to take advantage of such windows of opportunity – and make sure those windows are clean:

The Price Is Right

HDTV suggests that once you find out what your home is worth, then shave 10-15 percent off the price. It takes real courage and most sellers don’t want to risk it, but their experts say it’s the single best strategy to sell a home in today’s market.

Get Out

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and homebuyers first see the outside of a house. So touch-up outdoor paint on porches and decks, replace any missing shingles, pull weeds, lay new mulch in landscaped areas, replace old house numbers with fresh modern numbers, and keep the walkway clear.

A Welcome Sight

As prospective homebuyers enter a house, they first walk into an entranceway. Forbes Inc. suggests that adding a cheerful wreath to your front door can make a big difference, and remove any furniture and family photos in the foyer that might distract homebuyers.

Don’t Stink

Make sure your home smells nice. Don’t cook bacon or burgers or burritos the day of a showing. You don’t want your home smelling like a bar and grill.

From Top to Bottom

Abby Lawson, home decorating expert and writer of justagirlandherblog.com, suggests that home sellers should bring in a professional cleaning crew to clean the house from top to bottom. If you can handle the cleaning chores yourself, at least have a company come in to professionally clean the carpets to make them look as good as new.

Lighten Up

If your house has many windows, take advantage of that by letting in as much outside light as possible. Not only does it brighten spaces, but it makes rooms feel larger.

Cast Out Clutter

Throw out anything that portrays a clutter-filled home, and use only core pieces of furniture when showing rooms. If possible, pull furniture away from walls to allow homebuyers more space to walk around and admire the settings.

Calming Sensations

Sure, daughter Jenna’s bedroom was painted dark purple when she was going through a phase, but homebuyers want to see neutral, off-white rooms. Also, get rid of any busy throw pillows and pattered rugs in the house that don’t project a calm feeling.

Don’t Forget the Small Stuff

1. Add small plants, both fake and real, in some rooms.

2. Make sure bathrooms have coordinating towels and bathmats in light tones, and close the toilet seats.

3. Clean all closets. Homebuyers want closet space – it’s a huge selling point – and stuffed-to-the-brim closets give the impression there’s not enough space.

4. Have fresh-baked, nice-smelling cookies in the kitchen for guests. That’s what professional realtors do.

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