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Amarillo, TX Top Employers

Amarillo's major employers include agriculture and energy industries

By Livability.com on April 26, 2014

Amarillo College
Amarillo / Brian McCord

Amarillo grew up around the agri­culture and energy industries, but today it boasts a well-balanced economy featuring manufacturing, health care and customer service. Check out more Texas Jobs and Top Employers.

Amarillo, TX Top Employers

Major Employer                                                   # of Employees

Amarillo Independent School District                        4,282


Tyson Foods , Inc.                                                      3,700


B&W Pantex                                                                3,200


Baptist St. Anthony’s Health Care Systems                 2,900


City of Amarillo                                                          1,973


Northwest Texas Healthcare System                          1,359


Texas Department of Criminal Justice                       1,360


Wal-Mart                                                                   1,359


Affiliated Foods                                                           1,110


Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.                                      1,068


VA Medical Center, Amarillo                                      1,015


Xcel Energy                                                               1,000


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