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Del Rio, TX Neighborhoods Offer Affordable Living

Del Rio is a medium-sized city of 37,000 people with 10 constituent neighborhoods.

By Jason Zasky on April 20, 2014


Homebuyers surveying the Del Rio, TX market will find a wide variety of housing options, most of which are located within minutes of the city’s vibrant downtown, parks and schools. From downtown neighborhoods in an urban scene to lakeside properties with amazing views, the Del Rio area offers highly desirable living spaces at affordable prices. The city’s location, near Mexico and less than 10 miles east of Laughlin Air Force Base, helps keep the local real estate market on an even keel. The average asking price of a home in Del Rio is $194,500, according to Kitty Lewis, who has owned and operated Del Rio’s RE/MAX franchise since 1991.

Here’s a look at some of Del Rio’s most popular neighborhoods:

South Del Rio

South Del Rio is home to the city’s downtown, and features a mix of new and historic neighborhoods, with grand old homes interspersed among modern two-story residences. “South Del Rio is beautiful,” Lewis says, “with huge oaks and magnolia trees and beautiful landscaping.”

Buena Vista and Ceniza Hills

On the north side of town are Buena Vista and Ceniza Hills, the latter featuring an upscale subdivision. “The north side is where a lot of military folks live,” Lewis begins, “mainly because the turnover is better on that end of town. The homes are newer – anywhere from brand-new to 20 years old – and the area has good schools and is close to shopping. There are also empty lots that people can build a home on,” she says, which make for compelling opportunities considering that most of the available land in Del Rio has already been developed.

Lake Amistad

Another popular place to live is the Lake Amistad area, which is home to four subdivisions, all convenient to the recreation opportunities available at Amistad National Recreation Area. Lake Amistad Reservoir is considered a paradise for scuba divers and boaters alike, thanks to its crystal clear waters and enormous surface area, which accommodates everything from houseboats, motorboats and sailboats to personal watercraft.

Pro anglers consider the lake a “hidden gem,” with top-quality year-round fishing – largemouth, smallmouth and striped bass being the main attractions. This explains why retired BassMaster pro angler Denny Brauer and professional fisherman/TV host Byron Velvick (best-known as a bachelor on ABC’s The Bachelor) call the lake area home.   

Del Rio’s Real Estate Market (2014)

“Buyers can get discouraged because they think they can come here and get a really nice home for a little bit of nothing,” Lewis says. “But we have very strong sellers that hang in there. We are very fortunate because of our Air Force base and all of our government employees.”

Of course, it helps that Del Rio is a very friendly town. “I love living in Del Rio,” she says. “That’s why I’ve lived here for 31 years.”

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