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Best Neighborhoods In Houston

Houston real estate is among those that offer some of the most affordable housing costs in the nation

By Satvik Mittal on August 5, 2017

Houston has for the longest time been the dream destination for many. It is where you can have the urban touch and at the same time live among a friendly community. One would be right to call it the all round city since no one feels left out. There is always a particular thing one can enjoy despite their age, stage and situation in life. It’s worthy to note that Houston real estate is among those that offer cheap housing costs in the nation. This is a plus for Texas to anyone willing to relocate their as compared to other regions. The following are the best ranking neighborhoods in Houston.

River Oaks

It is commonly referred to as Afton Oaks. The neighborhood is located at the very centre of Houston. Being at a prime location, it is among the richest neighborhoods. Due to its location, it is the ideal neighborhood for shopping and working. Major road ways such as the Westheimer Road and the San Felipe street are here. The neighborhood being near to both downtown and up town Houston, gives a suitable environment for a wide group of persons. The Memorial Park and The Herman Park gives the right ambience for joggers, fitness camps and dog walkers. There are a number of reputable private schools to choose from and daycare facilities that are up to standard.

Greater Uptown

This is also situated at a prime location for shopping, dining and working. This is facilitated by the presence of major roadways that is the San Felipe STREET AND Chimney Rock. It is a common thing to find residents jogging and doing general exercises at the local parks. Its location makes it the ideal neighborhood for the youth and couples. It houses many reputable bars as well as clubs. There are also a number of schools available to choose from.


Also known as Montrose. One would be right to call this the neighborhood that has all under one roof. Those who prefer getting all they need within a walking distance, here is the ideal neighborhood. In her, you will find a grocery as well as places that you can have a variety to choose from for dinner. The bus line is within walking distance and so is the University of St. Thomas Campus. This makes it a perfect neighborhood for anyone at any stage of life.


Many refer to it as Upper Kirby. It is located within the 610 loop. It is ideal for the people who love the night life. Night clubs are in their great numbers such as, the Vintage Lounge, Velvet Melvin Pub, and Little Woodrow’s. Partying is well catered for here as there is a range of entertainment facilities such as movie theaters as well as comedy clubs. There is also a great range of hotels here such as Ruggle’s ,Houston’s and Groode and Lupe Tortillas.

Aside from the entertainment bit, religion is also catered for as there is the Lakewood church which will cater for anyone looking for a religious connection. The neighborhood is also sociable and one can go out and take part in outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, jogging and the likes.

Binz, Houston

It is a neighborhood that has a combined set of housing structures. For instance, there are townhouses, apartment complexes as well as classic communities. Its location which is at the centre of the town as well as scenic nature is the real bait for its attraction to both tourists and people seeking to relocate there. Its location also allows visitors the access to both the Children’s Museum of Houston as well as the Holocaust Museum of Houston. The efficient rail coverage within the neighborhood gives the residents and visitors the access to the attraction sites. Among the sites that one must mention is the Herman Park and the Houston zoo.

Most of the best neighborhoods have been characterized have great real estate appreciation. However it all depends on what one is looking for in a neighborhood. It is advisable to Check out the houston real estate to find guidance towards what most suits ones needs and demands.


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