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Tyler, TX Finds Wealth in Wellness Services

Alternative practices range from meditation studios to pet therapy.

By Kari Kynard Ridge on July 24, 2019

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The Tyler area offer a wealth of wellness options, including thriving complementary health and functional medicine industries. The alternative practices offerings include a healthy roundup of locations offering mind-body care services such as spa treatments, yoga studios, meditation studios, acupuncture clinics and pet therapy.

Businesses such as Integrative Health Matters (IHM) and The Bradley Clinic have become destinations for clients throughout the country seeking complementary care for an array of health issues and wellness maintenance.

“While we do have many local patients, about 40 percent of our patients travel to IHM from outside Tyler for functional medicine care,†says Lauren Lowery, business manager at IHM, which opened in Tyler in 2016. “We have patients from the greater East Texas region, South Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Colorado.”

Tour Texas: Discover Tyler’s Neighborhoods

Integrative medicine addresses physical, emotional, mental, social and environmental influences on health, and functional medicine seeks to identify and address the root causes of disease, not just the symptoms. Local practitioners of functional medicine treat a range of conditions such as chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, digestive disorders, depression and anxiety. 

IHM, which moved into a larger facility in 2017, offers a range of services, treatments, health coaching, specialized testing and also free community events. Lowery says many patients travel here in search of diagnosis and treatment for long-standing health issues.

Tyler, TX Has a Trio of Top Providers

“We consistently hear from patients that they finally feel better,†she says. “Many of our patients have been looking for answers for years, going to doctor after doctor and never getting to the root of their issues. Functional medicine allows our medical providers to truly figure out what is causing the problems and heal the whole body.”

Tyler TX
Tyler / iStock/Julia_Sudnitskaya

Destination: Wellness

Among the area’s other wellness destinations, Pristine Image Med Spa offers services that include a far infrared sauna, detox body wraps, micro-needling and massage therapies. La Vie Med Spa offers more than a dozen types of massages as well as body wraps, facials and chemical peels, paraffin treatments and foot detox baths. Hand and Stone Massage & Facial Spa offers massages and facials. 

There’s a diverse menu of therapies at Mary’s Reflexology and Trinity Healing including acupuncture, Reiki, aroma touch, ear candling, foot detox bath and the ancient art of cupping therapy in which gentle suction is said to promote good health. 

Tyler, TX is Coming Up Roses

Local yoga offerings are growing, with the opening of businesses such as Windhorse Yoga Studio, which offers a variety of classes, including hatha, barre and yin yoga. 

A little time with a furry or feathered friend is said to promote healing, too. With some 90 dogs, six cats and a cockatoo, Tyler-based Therapet offers animal-assisted therapy throughout the area to help reduce stress and encourage good health. 

In addition, the area offers chiropractic care through several practices. These include Kaleo Chiropractic Clinic, which has a motto of “you bend ’em, we mend ’em,†and also offers acupuncture and electroacupuncture. Natural Health Family Chiropractic offers to “care for the whole person, from general wellness to disease prevention†with services that also include massage therapy and cupping therapy.

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