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7 Reasons You Should Move to Sheboygan, WI

Find out why you need to relocate to this east-central Wisconsin region.

By Lindsey Hyde on May 9, 2023

Restaurant in Sheboygan
Courtesy of Sheboygan County EDC

Sheboygan may not carry the name recognition of New York City, Chicago, Orlando or San Francisco, but place this east-central Wisconsin region next to any well-known city, and the scales largely tip in Sheboygan’s favor. Not only is it an affordable place to live, but it is overflowing with great job opportunities, an excellent food scene, a variety of outdoor recreation (including beaches), friendly people, a lively arts scene and so much more. Together, these advantages create a highly appealing lifestyle that holds residents close and converts even the briefest of visitors.

Curious why this region is the perfect place for you to call home? Here are seven reasons you should should consider living in Sheboygan, WI.

1. Real estate is incredibly affordable.

Like most places right now, Sheboygan and its surrounding county is considered a seller’s market, though affordable homes can be found throughout the area. In fact, the median listing home price here in November 2022 was approximately $210,000, according to realtor.com.

For those relocating to the area, especially from places with much higher costs of living, Sheboygan’s home prices are a bargain.

“When we moved here, we bought a house that was almost twice as big as our last house and half the price of our last house,” says Sala Sander, who moved to Sheboygan from the Chicago suburbs with her family three years ago. “It was a steal. I couldn’t believe it.”

Stefanie H. Weill Center for the Performing Arts Sheboygan
Courtesy of Sheboygan County EDC

2. Attractions are inexpensive and accessible.

No matter the activity — whether you want to peruse an art gallery, catch a show or eat dinner at a phenomenal restaurant — residents don’t have to travel far or put a dent in their wallet to have fun. Many residents can walk from their homes to downtown Sheboygan, or travel just a few miles to another community for an evening out.

“(Recently) my in-laws and I went to the Stefanie H. Weill Center for the Performing Arts to watch a ballet, and all it cost us was the tickets,” Sander says. “We were sitting there, and we thought, ‘Gosh, remember when we would go watch a play in Chicago?’ Well, that’s an hour drive; you book your restaurant; there’s parking; there’s your tickets; and then the long drive back to the suburbs. Here, it’s like five minutes and we’re there, and five minutes and we’re home. I love that. Even if you go to Kohler or Sheboygan Falls, it’s still the proximity. For me, that’s quality of life. It’s not stressing about going to enjoy some cultural show.”

Enjoying the river
Courtesy of Sheboygan County EDC

3. Outdoor activities are plentiful and can be enjoyed year-round.

Outdoor recreation opportunities flourish in and around Sheboygan. During warmer months, residents can venture to the beautiful Kettle Moraine State Forest to run, bike or hike, or head to Lake Michigan to paddleboard, swim or sail.

“My husband and I do a lot of stand-up paddleboarding,” Sander says. “We wake up in the morning in the summer, and we paddle out to the buoy and watch the sunrise.”

Also highly popular when it is warm is golf (ahem, great golf). The area is home to Destination Kohler, which features courses designed by the renowned Pete Dye.

The adventures don’t stop when the weather gets chilly. In fact, there are several places within the county to go snowmobiling, including Kettle Moraine State Forest, and Lake Michigan becomes the perfect place to surf.

John Michael Kohler Arts Center Fair
Courtesy of John Michael Kohler Arts Center

4. Art is everywhere in Sheboygan County.  

Ballet performances, music, museums — all kinds of art can be found and enjoyed in and around Sheboygan. For example, the Stefanie H. Weill Center for the Performing Arts features national touring acts (live music, comedies, musicals, dance, etc.), emerging artists, movies and more. Plus, excellent live music can be found at places like The Blind Horse Restaurant & Winery and The Elk Room at The Osthoff Resort.

During the summer, the John Michael Kohler Arts Center offers a free concert music series on Thursdays at the City Green.

Acuity in Sheboygan
Courtesy of Sheboygan County EDC

5. Great jobs can be found throughout Sheboygan County.

Sheboygan County is home to many large companies where residents can start or grow their career. Examples include manufacturers like Kohler Co., Sargento, Bemis and Dutchland Plastics, as well as Oostburg State Bank, Acuity Insurance, the local Sheboygan Area School District, and more.

And while many people love their jobs, Sander notes that there are other options here, should someone want to eventually change companies or careers.

“If you move your family across the state, across the country, and this doesn’t work out, what other opportunities are there? I think they’re right here,” Sander says.

Boho Picnics Sheboygan
Courtesy of Sheboygan County EDC

6. Entrepreneurship thrives here.

If being your own boss appeals, Sheboygan County is the perfect place to your launch your dream business.

“You make your community, you build your community, and I find that people who move to Sheboygan, they create their community,” Sander says. “There’s a ton to do in Sheboygan, and if it isn’t there, (you can) go create it.”

The Sheboygan County Economic Development Corporation (SCEDC) is a great resource to help residents turn an everyday hobby into a thriving business. 

“My neighbor down the street started Boho Posh Picnics (which creates upscale picnic experiences). She had the idea, but she came to the (SCEDC), and talked to Ray, who heads our small business development, and Ray guided her to loans, how to go about it,” Sander says. “The SCEDC has resources, whether it’s for funding or education.” 

7. People still “shake on it” in Sheboygan.

People in Sheboygan are not only friendly, but they also stand by their promises. Whether people are making costly business deals at the office or borrowing a leaf blower from their neighbor, people can count on the fact that others will follow through on what they are saying.

“My husband always says, ‘You know, in Wisconsin, they have the firm handshake as an agreement. It still works.’ We love that about Sheboygan. You can shake on it, and it means something,” Sander says.

This article was sponsored by the Sheboygan County EDC.

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