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Core10 Finds Major Advantages in the Advantage Valley, WV Area

Financial technology company Core10 finds success in the Advantage Valley region.

By Kevin Litwin on December 9, 2021

Employees at work at Core 10 in Huntington, WV
Courtesy of Core10

Q&A with Lee Farabaugh
Co-Founder and President, Core10

Advantage Valley has a growing technology sector, and one of the many innovative companies doing business is Core10, a financial technology company founded in 2015. The company develops software products and services for banks, credit unions and finance-related startups.

Core10 is headquartered just south of Nashville but has a major presence in Advantage Valley.

Lee Farabaugh, Co-Founder and President of Core10 in Huntington, WV.
Courtesy of Core10

Q: Besides your metro Nashville HQ, you have also established an office in Huntington. Why did you choose Advantage Valley?

Farabaugh: When in Nashville, we were looking to branch out, and one of our investors suggested Huntington, where he was from. We spent a few days in West Virginia and knew it was the place for us. Now our Huntington office has a larger workforce than our Nashville office.

Q: What do you like about Huntington?

Farabaugh: The cost of living is lower than big metro areas, yet we can still pay really good salaries while providing cost-saving software development opportunities for our customers. Huntington has a great downtown and excellent infrastructure, and it has been pretty easy for us to contact people like leaders in economic development, education, technology and state senators – even the governor.

Q: What is an example of what Core10 does?

Farabaugh: For instance, many of our customers are community banks throughout the nation, and our software technology provides an expanded digital experience for banking customers. Especially after the pandemic, many customers want to do online banking for more and more transactions, but many community banks don’t have all the software resources in place. Core10 saw a need and a niche, so much of our fintech work is with smaller institutions.

Employees at work at Core 10 in Huntington, WV
Courtesy of Core10

Q: Do you like to recruit area college grads to work at Core10?

Farabaugh: Yes, Marshall University and Mountwest Community and Technical College churn out great graduates every semester in computer science, business, coding and more, and we also work closely with WVU Institute of Technology. Over the next few years, we plan to add 100 clients nationwide and add 150 employees in West Virginia and the region. A career in software is a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in technology.

Q: And the name Core10 – does it have any significance to Advantage Valley?

Farabaugh: There is actually a type of steel called Corten steel, known for its high tensile strength and resistance to corrosion. New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia is made of Corten steel. That inspired our name; then we wanted our Huntington office to look like it could be in Silicon Valley. That was a major important initiative to us – adding to the look and attraction of Huntington.

Farabaugh says Core10 is always looking for more top employees. Visit core10.io for more information.

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