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Find Out How Casper Lands Key Companies

Wyoming city's vast resources, supportive leaders and outstanding quality of life continue to draw businesses into the region.

By Lindsey Hyde on March 23, 2023

Casper-Natrona County International Airport
Casper-Natrona County International Airport

Rich in resources and blooming with opportunity, Casper, WY, is the perfect place to launch or relocate a business. Its strong, diverse economy includes strong manufacturing, health care, energy, and finance and insurance sectors that are attracting companies from all over to do business in Casper.

One of them is Arizona-based Scottsdale Mint, one of the few privately operated mints in the world and a manufacturer of precious metals. The company is working to convert the city’s former Star-Tribune building into its primary location for manufacturing, design and distribution. The facility will be completed in phases.

“(Scottsdale Mint) is extraordinarily industrious, so it’s a great fit for Casper,” says Justin Farley, president and CEO of Advance Casper, noting that the city grew up around energy development.

“It’s not anything that people are going to be unfamiliar with,” he says. “They know what it is to build things, whether it’s a beautiful coin or a heat exchanger for a nuclear power plant.”

Also sold on Casper is medical device manufacturer EVI, which relocated to the city in 2021, and TITUS Wastewater Solutions, which recently moved its headquarters, manufacturing and fabrication facility here from Prineville, Oregon.

“Everyone was extremely helpful in connecting us with certain companies that we needed to partner with in order to move some of our supply chain more locally,” says Gina Lathan, TITUS’ director of business development.

Advantages of Doing Business in Casper

When businesses launch in or relocate to Casper, they reap big benefits. For example, the area’s talent pool is filled with friendly individuals ready to bring their skills to the table.

Plus, the city boasts Casper-Natrona County International Airport (C/NCIA), the only international airport in the state. Not only does this make traveling for meetings or conferences a cinch, but C/NCIA is part of a 60-mile active Foreign Trade Zone. This is beneficial for companies because merchandise in an FTZ does not require a formal customs entry and is not subject to U.S. duty or excise taxes.

Also, within the FTZ is Casper Logistics Hub, which allows freight from the Burlington Northern Santa Fe rail line to be offloaded duty-free. “A community is only as good as its accessibility, and rail is a big part of that,” Farley says.

Location, Location, Location

Casper is also less than a three-hour drive to the capital city of Cheyenne, and drivers can get to Denver and Salt Lake City in less than six hours.

Also known for being highly accessible are city and state leaders, whom entrepreneurs and business professionals can look to for help, advice and excellent resources.

“I think one of the biggest advantages that Wyoming has is our state legislators, local legislators – everybody is extraordinarily accessible. You’ll see them at the rodeo or the ballgame, or they’ll come to your company and tour. They are a phone call away,” Farley says. “The accessibility with that in order to circumvent some of the government regulations is extraordinarily beneficial.”

Plus, several city and state organizations, like the Casper Area Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Development Authority, the Wyoming Business Council, Visit Casper and Advance Casper, which is the city’s main catalyst for economic development, are always ready to lend a helping hand to the region’s businesses.

“Advance Casper has done everything from helping to pay for moving costs for large equipment, and our Economic Development Joint Powers Board has done some low-interest loans for business expansion,” Farley says.

Casper’s Quality of Life Is Amazing

While companies might originally be drawn to Casper for its business resources, they soon fall in love with the area’s attractive quality of life.

In addition to its beautiful outdoors and the wide variety of fun activities, the city offers a relaxed atmosphere, affordable housing, great medical care – it’s home to the largest medical facility in Wyoming – and perks like an ice arena, a splash pad, a slew of local restaurants and a vibrant craft brewing and distillery scene.

“Some years ago, Casper looked at ourselves in the mirror and just decided that we needed to address some of the livability for our own community, and really, we just started building off of the people that are here and the people who call it home,” Farley says. “It’s just a really cool community, and that’s something to be cherished.”

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