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8 Reasons to Move to Casper, WY

Find out why people are flocking to the West's newest frontier.

By Brittany Anas on March 23, 2023

South Center Street in Casper, WY
Jeff Adkins

On the weekends, Casper locals have their pick of adventures, from hiking to Garden Creek Waterfall to world-class fly-fishing along the North Platte River, or even catching live music at David Street Station, a downtown venue that anchors the friendly community.

“We are lucky to have mountains in our backyard, a river running through the middle of town and tons of unique history to offer,” says Amanda Sewell, a Wyoming native and young professional who works for Visit Casper.

Casper is no longer a pit stop to a destination; it is the destination, offering attractive outdoor amenities, an increasingly diverse economy and some of the best higher education options in the area. The best part: Casper is significantly more affordable than other major cities that make up the Western states, so residents get more for their money here – which makes it easier to indulge in tickets to a live show or a meal at a new local restaurant (and order dessert, too).

“The growing community has been exciting to be a part of,” Sewell says. “I love seeing this town boom, and it offers beauty and opportunities that no other city can.”

Casper is the West’s newest frontier, not to mention a great place to live and work. Check out these seven reasons why moving to Casper may be right for you.

Pathfinder Dam near Casper, WY
Visit Casper

1. Enjoy Open Spaces AND Big-City Amenities

The lure of the West is stronger than ever, and, with all its open spaces, Casper is the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts who want to be near big-city amenities yet have midsize city conveniences like affordable housing, little to no traffic and even easy ways to get plugged into the community.

Casper strikes a just-right balance of being a Western city with wide open spaces, but also having great health care facilities, schools and a skiing destination that’s reachable in 15 minutes, says Nathaniel Steinhoff, a Realtor with Lisa Burridge & Associates Real Estate.

Plus, those moving to Casper are often surprised by how little time they’ll spend commuting to work, with easy drive times in the 5- to 15-minute range, Steinhoff adds.

Casper Mountain in Wyoming
Visit Casper

2. Venture Outside in an Amazing Backyard

The Rocky Mountains and North Platte River, which is known for blue-ribbon fly fishing, are in Casper’s backyard. Popular outdoor attractions include Hogadon Basin Ski Area and Whitewater Park, as well as two public golf courses and two private golf courses with panoramic views.

Trent Tatum, co-owner of the North Platte Lodge, fell in love with Wyoming after attending the University of Wyoming. He started working in Casper in the summers, guiding for the lodge. The area, he says, is known for its world-class fly-fishing waters. The North Platte has 3,000 to 5,000 fish per mile, making it a bucket list destination for anglers. (American Angler magazine named Casper the No. 1 Big Fish Destination).

Plus, Tatum says, there are great spots just outside of Casper for bird and elk hunting. On top of all that, the town scene is bustling with restaurants and breweries.

David Street Station
Visit Casper

3. Have Fun in a Delightful Downtown

Downtown Casper is thriving, and David Street Station is the heart of it all, with a community stage, a lawn, a busker station for small performances, vendor space, a splash pad, an ice rink and an overlook deck.

Also, Casper’s growing downtown is expanding east and west, filled with familiar favorites like Kohls, Marshalls and more retail, restaurants and breweries.

4. Score a Great Education and Job

Casper College, one of the largest community colleges in Wyoming, offers a wide range of degree options as well as a growing sports program. As a partner of Casper College, the University of Wyoming also has a satellite campus in Casper with four-year degree options for professionals and students alike.

For those transitioning out of college, career opportunities are only becoming more abundant in industries like advanced manufacturing, health care, business, and financial services and energy.

Did You Know?

Wyoming is one of seven states that have no personal income tax.

5. You Can Afford to Live Here

The median home value in Casper is around $278,000 (Zillow, December 2022), which is significantly lower than the national average. It’s also hundreds of thousands of dollars less than some of the markets in California, Washington and the Denver metro area, which, according to Steinhoff, are some of the popular areas that people are moving to Casper from. But in addition to lower home prices, rural development grants can lower the cost of homeownership, too.

6. It’s Easy to Get Connected

For those wanting to get involved, the community has three Rotary Clubs and a young professionals’ group.

ROTARY OF CASPER: The club is involved in projects that support local educational programs, take action on sustainable projects and solve real problems facing the community.

FIVE TRAILS ROTARY: The club brings together dedicated individuals to exchange ideas, build relationships and take action on important matters.

REVEILLE ROTARY OF CASPER: The club focuses on senior services by bringing more senior-focused projects and events to the area.

ROTARACT OF CASPER: YOUNG PROFESSIONALS NETWORK: This group is for people between the ages of 18 and 46 who want to have fun, network and perform community service.

Downtown Casper, WY
Visit Casper

7. You Can Go Anywhere Easily

No matter if you are taking a business trip or heading on a family vacation, Casper-Natrona County International Airport (C/NCIA) – the only international airport in Wyoming – safely delivers residents to a number of destinations. The region’s businesses also benefit from the airport’s presence, as it’s within an active Foreign Trade Zone. Driving-wise, Casper is less than three hours to the capital city of Cheyenne, and drivers can get to Denver and Salt Lake City in less than six hours.

8. Stay Healthy Without Leaving Casper

No matter the ailment or concern, patients can expect phenomenal care when they come to a Casper medical facility. Not only is the city home to more doctors than any other city in the state, but Casper boasts Banner Wyoming Medical Center, the largest hospital in Wyoming. It has two campuses as well as 14 primary, specialty and immediate care clinics.

Staff Writer Kevin Litwin contributed to this article.

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