The Mohawk Harvest Cooperative Market near Johnstown, NY

Agriculture in Johnstown, NY

Agriculture in Johnstown, NY has been going strong since 1838 with the many farms and produce products in the area.

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FAGE Dairy in Johnstown, NY

Fage Yogurt Made in Johnstown, NY

The Fage Total Yogurt in Johnstown, NY uses only natural ingredients in their greek yogurt recipe.

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Pine Brook Golf Club near Johnstown, NY

Golf Courses in Johnstown, NY

Golf courses in Johnstown, NY are Fox Run Golf Club, Holland Meadows Golf Course, Sacandaga Golf Course, and more.

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Pecks Lake in Fulton County, NY

Recreation in Johnstown, NY

Activities in Johnstown, NY include golfing, snowmobiling, skiing, fishing, hunting, and more family fun.

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Fox Run Golf Club in Johnstown, NY

Year-Round Outdoor Activities in Johnstown

Johnstown, NY's natural environment offers everyone an outdoor activity including fishing, hunting, skiing and hiking.

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Bellwhether Ceramic Studio in Fulton County, NY

Arts & Culture Near Gloversville, NY

Fulton and Montgomery counties in New York have plenty of opportunities for artists and patrons, from art galleries to community theater.

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Peck's Lake Challenge Sprint Triathlon

Fulton, Montgomery County, NY Sports/Recreation Overview

Check out the sports and fitness activities available in Fulton and Montgomery counties.

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The Table at Fort Plain in Fort Plain, NY

Eating Local in the Fulton Montgomery Region

A variety of locally-owned restaurants make dining out in the Fulton Montgomery Region a one-of-a-kind experience.

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Riverlink Park in Downtown Amsterdam, NY

Boating and Water Recreation in Fulton Montgomery Region, NY

Read about where residents in Fulton Montgomery Region go for boating, skiing, sailing and other water recreation.

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Great Sacandaga Lake in Johnstown, NY

Great Sacandaga Lake Remains Great for Fishing

Great Sacandaga Lake is a fisherman's dream in northern New York State.

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Interiors of Grandma Millies in Johnstown.

Grandma Millie's Bakery in Johnstown, NY

Grandma Millie's is a bakery located at the Fulton County Airport near Johnstown, NY that serves breakfast, lunch and baked goods.

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Seafood Brodetto at Sam's Seafood Steakhouse in Johnstown, NY

Sam’s Seafood Steakhouse in Johnstown, NY

Sam's Seafood Steakhouse in Johnstown, NY is an upscale local seafood restaurant that features fresh bread and calamari.

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Pine Lake Park in Caroga Lake, NY

Recreation near Gloversville, NY

Recreational activities near Gloversville, NY consist of indoor and outdoor activities year-round.

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Pecks Lake in Johnstown, NY

Hunting and Fishing in Johnstown, NY

There are many places to go hunting and fishing in the Adirondack mountains in Johnstown, NY.

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Peaceful Valley Maple Farms in Johnstown, NY

Shopping in Johnstown, NY

Johnstown, NY has a variety of shopping destinations to choose from. Below is a listing of some of the stores available here.

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Fulton County Museum near Johnstown, NY

Explore Museums in Johnstown, NY

The Fulton County Historical Society & Museum and Wildlife Sports & Education Museum show how Johnstown, NY played a historical role in baseball, big-game hunting and more.

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Fox Run Golf Club

Fun Things To Do in Johnstown, NY

There's so much to do in Johnstown, NY including museums, outdoor activities, theatre performances, and more.

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Artist Tiffany Smith is bringing modern art to Fulton County

Tiffany Smith Gallery in Johnstown, NY

Local artist Tiffany Smith opened her own art gallery for the community of Johnstown, NY- Tiffany Smith Gallery.

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Owners of the Orendaga on Northville Lake

The Orendaga on Northville Lake in Johnstown

The historic Orendaga inn on Northville Lake in Johnstown, NY is an overnight destination for guests from around the world.

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The Rail Trail

Johnstown, NY Rail Trail

The Rail Trail in Johnstown, NY is an 8-mile paved path from Johnstown to Gloversville.

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