Ottosen Entry Garden at Desert Botanical Garden

Real Estate8 Reasons to Move to the Phoenix Area

Reasons to move to the Phoenix area include: more than 300 warm, sunny days a year, unparalleled outdoor recreation opportunities, a highly regarded public university, spring training baseball and teams in all four major professional sports leagues.

CommunityThese Are the Best Cities for Liberals, Conservatives and Centrists

Tired of arguing about politics with your neighbors? Here are three Top 10 lists of cities where you're more likely to find common ground with those around you.

CommunityThe One Thing You Need to Have to Be a Best Place to Live

How does a city become a great place to live? We started the conversation with NPR’s OnPoint with Tom Ashbrook.

Bourbon Street in New Orleans

CommunitySeven Reasons to Move to New Orleans, LA

Seven reasons why New Orleans, LA, is worth consideration when relocating, from its thriving culinary scene to the architecture and so much more.

Downtown Charleston, SC

CommunityWhy Charleston, S.C. Is a Top 100 Best Place to Live 2015

A rich history and progressive attitude makes this city a great place to live.

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