Beacon Drive-In Spartanburg South Carolina burgers

Food and DrinkFive Best Burgers in Spartanburg, SC

Nestled in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains in upstate South Carolina, Spartanburg is home to an abundance of go-to burger joints. Here are five of our favorite spots for sizzling patties and sides (plus a few close contenders).

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A look at how a new Chattanooga public-private partnership is building green space and making public art readily available to a neighborhood.

Food and DrinkFrom College Farm to Cafeteria Tray

Colleges and universities across the country have programs that teach students about farming – and then serve the fruits of their labors in their dining halls.

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A movement is underway for parking garages to look more pleasing to the eye.

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Parklets, or miniature gathering spaces, are a relatively new but growing concept that adds public seating, beauty, and community to a city’s streets and sidewalks - all for the price of a couple parking spots.

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