San Jose, CA skyline

Housing and Real Estate7 Reasons to Move to San Jose, CA

San Jose's location, job market and numerous attractions give people plenty of reasons to move to the area.

Business and EconomyTargetExpress Brings Big-box Shopping to the City

TargetExpress is a smaller store designed for urban city neighborhoods.

Sun Link, Tucson Streetcar

Transportation4 Ways Streetcars Make Cities Better

Read how streetcars improve a city's overall quality of life for residents.

Business and EconomyA School for Drones

Colleges and universities are at the forefront of training for the anticipated boom in the UAS industry, including Sinclair CC in Dayton, Ohio.

Business and EconomyFive Reasons Why 2015 Will be the Year of the Wearable

See why more people will invest in wearable technology during 2015. Prices are coming down, wearables look better and health benefits make this the "year of the wearable."

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