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City Spotlight: Why Scottsdale, AZ, Is One of America’s Best Places To Live

Scenic Scottsdale has it all: the great outdoors, a booming housing market and ample opportunities to grow.

By Savannah Carreno on January 18, 2022

Taliesin West
Andrew Pielage for Taliesin West

From scenic sunsets over breathtaking landscapes to an art scene that will have you questioning why you didn’t become a painter despite your parents’ apprehension, Scottsdale, Arizona, is a retreat all its own. 

Tucked away behind mountains and boulders while simultaneously expanding into vast expanses of orange desert, this city is by far one of America’s best places to live. And we aren’t the only ones who think so. Scottsdale is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing cities in America — and it’s easy to see why. Allow us to introduce you to the city you just might call home. 

Describing the atmosphere of Scottsdale is like describing the fog on stage at a Rage Against the Machine concert — you don’t know where it starts or ends, but you love the vibe it’s giving off. Arizona weather in October is 70s and sunny. The views from your Uber are always pristine, the nightlife in Old Town Scottsdale is bustling with art crawls, live music and large patios of pubs inviting you to watch the game over a local brew. There is no shortage of community, making it hard to leave and easy to live in this vibrant city. 

Home Sweet Home

While the housing market is competitive, Scottsdale is in the top 20% regarding housing appreciation statistics. In 2018 Scottsdale held an appreciation rate of 7.8%, significantly higher than other cities in Arizona. Homes are expected to continue to increase in value over the next few years, so if you’re looking to buy a home in Scottsdale, now is a perfect time. Paradise Valley, North Scottsdale, Scottsdale Ranch and DC Ranch are some incredible neighborhoods to consider. 

The Mission Restaurant in Scottsdale AZ
Cara Sanders

Lots of Local Flavor

The food in Scottsdale is a delightful medley of authentic Latin cuisine and California-style fare. So when you’re out on the town with your friends, shopping your heart out at Fashion Square, and the inevitable “where do we want to eat?” debate unfolds, the answer is easy. Anywhere. 

Nachos with just enough cheese on every chip, fresh salads filled with local produce, pizzas cooked perfectly crispy — you can’t go wrong no matter where you end up dining. From a round of fish tacos at The Mission Old Town to the clink of mimosas and crunch of avocado toast at Zuzu for brunch, Scottsdale offers everything you could want on a vacation getaway — or welcome home meal. 

Locally-Sourced Made Easy 

Speaking of fresh food, let’s talk about the farmers’ markets available in this incredible city. The Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market offers all the fresh fruit and vegetables you desire in the heart of Old Town. Want to shop local and explore small businesses? The North Scottsdale Farmers Market has you covered. Grab some local honey and granola, toss it in a recyclable tote and hit the trails. 

Cost of Living

If you’re looking for a major city atmosphere with a small town price, Scottsdale just might be the perfect city for you. With a lower cost of living than Los Angeles, New York and Boston, Scottsdale gives you a big city feel with a smaller city price tag. But this gem of a city is seeing a significant influx of former big-city dwellers. 

As the cost of living continues to rise in larger cities, Scottsdale has become a safe haven for those moving out and onto bigger pastures — or deserts. Our advice? Strike while the iron’s hot and make Scottsdale home before everyone else does!

Sunset hike at the Tom's Thumb Trailhead inside of the McDowell Preserve in Scottsdale, AZ.
Cara Sanders

Activities for All

And what do you fill those weekends with once you’ve moved here? The greatest gift Scottsdale offers is its endless opportunities to engage with and admire what makes it so beautiful. From hot air balloon rides to hikes through the valleys, from camping to caravanning, it’s all possible and all very much worth it. Fall is an enjoyable time and truly gives this city bragging rights regarding weather. The skies are crystal clear, the air is cool with a slight breeze, and the local trailheads are waiting for you and your newfound friends you met at the pub to join on a walk into the valley you now call home. 

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