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Top 10 Healthiest Cities

These cities provide residents with exercise opportunities, good food choices and strong support networks.

By on April 6, 2015

There are two ways to look at a great healthy city. The first and obvious way is to look for cities with the best health care in terms of access, quality and affordability. The second is to dive a little deeper into how the city promotes and enables a healthy lifestyle for its residents. For our Top 10 Healthiest Cities, we looked at both sides of the equation. 

To find places with quality and affordable health care, we looked at data compiled by the County Healthcare Rankings as well as spending data from Esri. We analyzed several measures of healthy communities such as the adult obesity rate, the percent of residents with access to healthy food and other stats. We also factored in the number of hospitals, ratio of doctors to residents and more. 

Then we looked at how residents are living in the space. Does the city have the right infrastructure to promote healthy living, like access to farmers markets and parks. Is the city walkable? Do people take advantage of that by walking and biking to work when possible? Are there man-made amenities, such as golf courses, and natural amenities, too? Additionally, we pulled in some data from the EPA about the environmental components of a healthy city such as clean air and water. 

Finally, we looked over the data-driven shortlist to find a good mix of cities by size, geography and other considerations to come up with our best top 10. Check out our list of Healthiest Cities and see how we did.


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