Visitors and residents enjoy the beaches of Miami, Florida.

Photo courtesy of Pablo Fernández, available under a Creative Commons license

#4. Miami

The connection between beauty and health is perhaps best displayed in Miami, Fla. Considered one of the most attractive cities in the country by many, Miami is also one of the Top 10 Healthiest Cities. It takes eating right and exercise to get that perfect beach bod, after all.

Miami-Dade County ranks No. 1 among Florida counties when it comes to healthy lifestyle choices. The majority of residents get in some kind of daily exercise at least three times a week, which has helped keep the city’s obesity rate under 23 percent. While Miami’s spicy nightlife scene is celebrated and draws thousands of tourists, the majority of residents resist the urge to drink excessively or smoke. Besides, dancing counts as exercise. White sand beaches beckon sun lovers to come out and play in the surf, while Miami’s many parks and recreation centers provide more opportunities to get in a workout. Add the lures of deep-sea fishing, tennis and golf, and it’s hard not to get moving.

The nearby Everglades National Park features hiking and biking trails, and offers great views of this unique habitat for crocodiles and panthers, while the 30-mile M-Path and South Dade Trail form a nearly continuous path from downtown Miami to Florida City. There’s also opportunities close-by to canoe and kayak.

Although the Miami has a high number of uninsured, it’s doctor-to-resident ratio is high, and most residents get annual health screenings. Hospitals and doctors offices in Miami hold high rankings in the health-care world. With dozens of vegetarian and vegan restaurants along with juice bars and smoothie shops, finding a healthy treat is easy in Miami. An assortment of farmers markets and co-ops supply residents with organic and/or locally grown fruits and vegetables. Good air quality (compared with the rest of the state) and clean drinking water help make Miami a healthy place to live.

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