Couple takes a photo at the top of Makapuu in Honolulu, Hawaii.

#8. Honolulu

When it comes to climates that promote physical activity, it’s hard to beat the conditions found in Honolulu, Hawaii. Residents here enjoy warm weather, golden sand beaches, and lush tropical forests allowing them to swim, surf, golf and hike year round. So, it’s easy to understand why most of Honolulu’s population engages in some type of exercise on a regular basis. Beyond this ideal setting, the city’s low rates of uninsured residents and preventable hospital stays help make Honolulu one of the Top 10 Healthiest Cities in the country.

Mental-health experts say Honolulu’s ample sunshine, racial diversity, and high activity level are the key reasons why most Honolulu residents report a feeling of genuine happiness and acceptance. Native Hawaiians call it the “aloha spirit.” In fact, there’s even a law in Hawaii that states each person must “think and emote good feelings” to others. Honolulu scores well in environmental factors with few cases of polluted drinking water or air. From Hanauma Bay, a popular snorkeling site, to Diamond Head, a former volcano, Honolulu is loaded with places to hike, bike, swim and play. The city manages more than 65 neighborhood and regional parks, many of which include athletic fields, walking trails, or places to swim. The vast amenities Honolulu offers helped it land on our list of the 2015 Best Places to Live. 

They city’s food scene is as diverse as its residents, with menus covering Chinese and Italian to burgers and Irish pub fare. Many restaurants in Honolulu offer healthy choices, and the city’s climate and all that volcanic soil help makes for great gardening. It’s no wonder Honolulu also ranks as one of the Best Places to Retire

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