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7 Most Recession-Proof Cities in the US

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7 Most Recession-Proof Cities in the US

If you're worried about the economy, these great cities might be able to offer some comfort.

By on March 19, 2019

Recession Proof Cities

A recession may be looming in America’s near future, and you don’t have to take our word for it: A recent Duke survey polled more than 500 chief financial officers across the U.S., and nearly half of them believed there will be a recession by the end of this year, with an even higher number — 82 percent — predicting a recession by the end of 2020. Signs of an impending economic downturn are appearing everywhere — from slumping numbers on Wall Street to decreasing demand for American goods in other parts of the world.

Which brings up a timely question:

Is anywhere safe from the effects of a recession?

While a recession certainly affects the whole country, it turns out that some cities are able to weather a national economic crisis much better than others. We looked at housing markets, unemployment rates, proximity to government centers and universities and other factors to identify seven cities that are basically recession-proof. And since our specialty is, well, Livability, we paid special attention to cities that don’t just offer stability during economic turbulence, but are also vibrant, positive places to live, no matter what the stock market is doing.

If you don’t like the way this economy is headed, here are seven great cities that might be able to offer some comfort.

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