Wichita KS

#2. Wichita KS

While Wichita’s unemployment rate trended with the rest of the U.S. during the Great Recession, it’s what this city is doing now that’s preparing it to survive another recession. In 2018, the city saw unemployment fall to 3.5 percent — the lowest it’s been since May 1999. In 2019, job growth is predicted to be positive and steady, and the city anticipates adding 2,700 new jobs. Kansas as a whole has an incredibly affordable real estate market, and residents here have the third lowest income-to-debt ratio in the nation.

While Kansas isn’t often on folks’ radar for their next big move, Wichita is a Midwestern treasure that shouldn’t be overlooked. The city’s downtown has recently undergone a huge renewal, infusing the area with new energy and a renewed sense of community. In addition to the opportunities available here, Wichita’s cost of living is almost 14 percent below the national average. Living here means you can afford to take advantage of the ever-growing list of events, activities and restaurants — without draining your savings account.

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