Des Moines IA

#7. Des Moines IA

The Hawkeye state might fare better than most others during the next recession. According to a recent analysis by Pew Charitable Trusts, the state’s annual budget volatility is lower than average and has more in reserves than most others. During the recession, Des Moines’ unemployment rate only increased by 1.2 percent, and its housing prices fluctuated a mere 0.1 percent. And as the fastest-growing city in the Midwest, Des Moines also boasts a thriving startup ecosystem that made it one of the top cities for tech hires in 2018, and one of Livability’s up-and-coming tech hotspots.

The city is awash with job opportunities in a wide array of industries including agribusiness and financial services. And in case you didn’t know … in the past few years, Des Moines has gotten cool. Like, really cool. Millennials are flocking here to begin their careers and pounce on affordable housing, bringing with them new restaurants, artistic communities and a growing nightlife scene. It’s not only a place to find economic stability, but a creative city that’s brimming with fresh energy. 

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