#6. Hillsboro

Home to a cluster of high-tech companies and research programs, Hillsboro, Ore., offers retirees a suburban lifestyle set in the Pacific Northwest, where a booming economy has helped to build an expansive package of public amenities. An extremely low crime rate, low health-care costs, walkable neighborhoods and a community that is engaged in the arts makes Hillsboro one of our Best Places to Retire.

Though it’s packed with young families and minivan-driving moms, Hillsboro has a growing population of retirees. Located west of Portland and east of Tillamook State Forest, Hillsboro receives a large amount of rainfall that keeps the city’s many golf courses and gardens lush and green. The weather and rolling hills also create ideal conditions for growing grapes, and Hillsboro is surrounded by vineyards. The variety of landscapes found in Hillsboro helps keep residents active and engaged. While there are typical commercial centers with big-box stores, a farm, vineyard or corporate campus is always just a short drive away.

Why Hillsboro Is One of the Best Places to Live in Oregon

Full of historic charm and unique buildings, downtown Hillsboro has become a cultural hotspot with performance venues, a farmers market, hip restaurants and art galleries. Restaurants in Hillsboro range from trendy burger joints to Indian buffets, and the city includes many eateries that use locally sourced ingredients.

One of the most popular parks in Hillsboro is the Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve, a 635-acre wildlife refuge with walking trails and bird watching posts. Many residents spend time riding on the Tualatin Valley Scenic Bikeway, which begins in the city’s Rood Bridge Park and winds through fertile farmlands and natural areas for 50 miles. The Hillsboro Parks and Recreation department hosts exceptional programs, many of which are geared towards retirees.

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