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The 7 Best Cities to Live That #Vanlife

When home is where you park it, how do you choose where to go? From WiFi to hot showers to gorgeous outdoor attractions, these cities have everything you need.

By on August 13, 2019


When you’re a free-roaming digital nomad, home is where you park it. But when everywhere is an option, how do you decide where to put down roots, no matter how temporary? While camping in the remote and wild parts of the country has its perks, sometimes #vanlife is where the WiFi and hot showers are. 

How did Livability determine the best home bases for your nomadic vanlife? We focused on cities with a relatively mild climate, convenient camping and overnight parking spots, coffee shops and libraries for good internet connectivity and at least one of those big gyms with the great, cheap membership plan for travelers. Plus, they needed to be cool, fun places to live, whether you live there for a few days, a few months or a few years.

These worthy destinations have all the necessities of civilization, but still fall within an easy drive to the camping and outdoor attractions that you (and your Instagram followers) crave.

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