Rock Climbing in Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins Convention & Visitors Bureau

liv score
How We Calculate Our Data
Civics 66
Demographics 36
Economy 54
Education 84
Health 61
Housing 68
Infrastructure 63

#13. Fort Collins, CO

From its thriving microbreweries to its mountain views and hiking trails, Fort Collins has an enticing assortment of amenities that draw talented workers to the high-tech companies located here. Those companies include Hewlett Packard, Intel and National Semiconductor. Colorado State University plays a major part in the city’s economy and entertainment scene, while schools in Fort Collins rank high. It’s been picked as one of the Healthiest Cities. Taking into account the city’s strong health-care options, diverse range of homes and recreational options, it’s easy to see why Fort Collins is one of the Top 100 Best Place to Live.

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