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Health Care a Family Affair for These Pueblo Physicians

Father-and-son duo brings more than just quality care to the Pueblo region.

By Erica Buehler on April 11, 2023

Dr. Michael A. Ramos (right) and Dr. Michael J. Ramos, a father-son duo at Parkview Family Medicine in Pueblo, CO.
Ryan Dearth

When you think of health care, you might think of sprawling campuses and a network of medical staff, where size sometimes comes at the expense of building relationships with your caregivers.

Pueblo County is not short on high-quality hospitals and medical facilities, but what sets it apart is the number of facilities operated by Pueblo physicians who are dedicated members of the community themselves.

Among them is Parkview Family Medicine, where the father-and-son team of Dr. Michael A. Ramos (father) and Dr. Michael J. Ramos (son) brings expert care and neighborly service to the region.

Finding a Calling as Pueblo Physicians

Dr. Michael A. Ramos, a Pueblo native, has served the community for more than 30 years as a family practice physician and obstetrician.

He graduated from his residency at Southern Colorado Family Medicine in 1988 and has served as a family doctor at his 13th Street practice ever since.

“I always wanted to be a doctor,” the elder Ramos says. “I’ve stayed at the same practice. We offer a broad spectrum of family medicine.”

Parkview Family Medicine is multifaceted, offering more than just general practitioner services. “We’re a practice trained to do everything,” says Dr. Michael A. Ramos. “I still deliver babies, do hospice work and perform surgeries … old school stuff. I’ve done it forever.”

Services offered at Parkview include medical imaging, children’s health, mental health and therapy, cardiology, and sleep disorder treatment.

Parkview Family Medicine in Pueblo, CO
Ryan Dearth

Improving the Community

The Ramoses acknowledge that the double names can sometimes cause a bit of confusion for people, especially new patients. But becoming a medical professional couldn’t have been more clear for the younger Ramos, especially growing up with a doctor already in the home.

“I was definitely influenced by my father practicing,” he says. “Watching him come home with his stethoscope and coat.”

The younger Ramos recently completed his residency in Oklahoma City, but practicing back home in Pueblo just made sense; being able to serve his home community felt like the perfect way to give back.

“I think our main focus is the betterment of the community and what we can do as physicians to help the community be better and healthier,” he says.

“I think our main focus is the betterment of the community and what we can do as physicians to help the community be better and healthier.”

Dr. Michael J. Ramos

Right at Home in Pueblo

For physicians with the level of expertise that both doctors have, the possibilities are seemingly endless when it comes to deciding where to practice. So, what keeps them in Pueblo?

Dr. Michael A. Ramos says that Pueblo has always been home; it’s where he attended high school and completed a residency at St. Mary-Corwin Hospital.

He even considers Parkview his “second home.” But it’s also where his close relationship with his grandmother developed and partly influenced his medical career.

“My grandmother was kind of sick when I was growing up,” he says. “I spent a lot of time with her and that was a big influence for me to try to do something. Then, I had the opportunity to stay and it felt good; it always worked out for me to be here.”

Dr. Michael J. Ramos echoes the sentiment, saying that despite attending medical school and completing his residency elsewhere, he wanted to return to Pueblo.

“I just wanted to be back home and give back to the community,” he says. “This is home – I don’t know anything different.”

He further explains that the extra personal connection with patients is what makes some medical professionals stand out. “I don’t see my patients as patients, I see the people behind the patient,” he says. “Knowing their name, history, family, pets … it makes a world of difference.”

He also notes that both he and his father are cancer survivors, and “wholeheartedly understand how it feels to be the patient” – something they reflect in their practice.

Moreover, there’s a sense of equality between the doctors and their Pueblo patients, staff and community, something else that Dr. Michael A. Ramos learned from his grandmother.

“One of the things [she] told me when I became a doctor was, ‘Now that you’re a doctor, you’re no better than anybody else, and there’s nobody better than you. So don’t think you’re any better than [them]; treat them with respect just like you’d want to be treated.’”

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