Live the Connecticut Way

Combining education and job opportunities with fun and adventure.

Connecticut: What You Need To Know

Step over from Massachusetts, New York or Rhode Island, and you’ve entered the hallowed streets of Connecticut – a state known for its history and prestigious educational opportunities at Yale University and the University of Connecticut.

But history and education aren’t all Connecticut has going for it. For one, the arts, film and tourism industries are booming here – producing a whopping $15 billion a year – and the economy is led by the technology, finance, insurance, manufacturing and agriculture sectors, so you’ll have no trouble landing that dream job in whatever career you’re pursuing.

And don’t think you’re missing out on adventure and recreation here. Just one must-do activity in Connecticut is hiking to a waterfall at Kent Falls State Park, picnicking along the nature trails and casting a line. And for you artsy individuals hoping to catch a glimpse of theater, the Tony Award-Winning Hartford Stage, which has showcased nearly 70 world and American premieres during its time, remains open for business today.

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