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Des Moines, IA Schools and Schools Ratings

While perhaps not raised and educated in Des Moines, IA, more than 87.3% of residents have earned high school diplomas or higher, with 25.1% having graduated with a college degree or higher.

Schools Overview

It’s no secret that schools and education opportunities are big motivating factors when choosing a best place to live. This is why we’ve taken the time to provide the most up-to-date statistics on public and private schools in the Des Moines, IA, area. We’ve also included data on the education levels of residents, and how to get in touch with the public and private schools near you.

Educational Levels in Des Moines, IA

  Bachelor's Degree 17.7%
  Associate's Degree 9.4%
  Graduate or Professional Degree 7.4%
  High School Graduate 30.8%
  Some College, No Degree 22%
  Percent Bachelor's Degree or Higher 25.1%
  Percent High School Graduate or Higher 87.3%

School Enrollment in Des Moines, IA

School Enrollment Total
133,951 in Des Moines, IA.

School Districts in Des Moines, IA

Title Level Enrollment Street Address City State Phone Number
Des Moines Independent Community School District PK-12 2517 901 Walnut St Des Moines Iowa (515) 242-7911
Saydel Community School District PK-12 96 5740 North East 14th St Des Moines Iowa (515) 264-0866

Private Schools in Des Moines, IA

Title Level Enrollment Street Address City State Phone Number
St Anthony Elementary School PK-8 317 16 Columbus Avenue Des Moines Iowa (515) 243-1874
Christ The King School PK-8 247 701 Wall Avenue Des Moines Iowa (515) 285-3349
St Theresa School PK-8 305 5810 Carpenter Avenue Des Moines Iowa (515) 277-0178
St Augustin Catholic School PK-8 286 4320 Grand Avenue Des Moines Iowa (515) 279-5947
Holy Trinity PK-8 2922 Beaver Ave Des Moines Iowa (515) 255-4460
St Joseph Elementary School PK-8 271 2107 East 33rd Street Des Moines Iowa (515) 266-3433
Holy Family School PK-8 241 1265 East 9th Street Des Moines Iowa (515) 262-8025
Mt Olive Lutheran School PK-7 105 5625 Franklin Avenue Des Moines Iowa (515) 277-8349
Bergman Academy PK-8 225 100 45th Street Des Moines Iowa (515) 274-0453
Lincoln Heights Lutheran School 1-8 1217 SW Watrous Ave Des Moines Iowa (515) 288-3013
Bergman Academy PK-8 100 100 45th Street Des Moines Iowa (515) 274-0453
Grandview Park Baptist School PK-12 290 1701 E 33rd St Des Moines Iowa (515) 265-7579
Des Moines Adventist School K-9 22 2317 Watrous Avenue Des Moines Iowa (515) 285-7729
New Horizon Academy PK-4 47 6201 Franklin Avenue Des Moines Iowa (515) 255-0220
Fairmount Education 3-12 39 3720 East 29th Street Des Moines Iowa (515) 266-5065
George Washington University Online High School 9-12 400 E 14th St Des Moines Iowa (866) 968-7512
The Keystone School 6-12 400 E 14th St Des Moines Iowa (800) 255-4937
K12 International Academy K-12 400 E 14th St Des Moines Iowa (877) 512-7748
Joshua Christian Academy K-5 49 1552 Maple Street Des Moines Iowa (515) 468-5674

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